FTS – Book One – Chapter 2

Written By Autumn Night Listens to the Rain

Translated by Grenn Unedited

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Chapter 2 – It’s Really A Cultivation World

Note: You can check out this website for most of the cultivation terms you don’t understand.

“Bright Cloud Sect’s Falling Red Clouds Mountain. Hurry and follow me.”

The little boy flung back his sleeves with a big attitude. With head high and chest out, he strutted forward. That shameless freak, a woman who is tempted by a child, must be an evildoer. He had no intention of calling her martial-aunt.

Falling Red Clouds Mountain of Bright Cloud Sect?

Su Wan had never heard such place in the game. However, in order to reach the top ranks, she paid someone to level her character while she was busy or sleeping. Therefore, it was normal she didn’t know by heart all the maps in the game. She ran up to that little iceberg and stopped him. “Where is Falling Red Clouds Mountain? How far it is from Seeking Immortal city?”

The boy remained stoic. He glanced at her, disdaining her ignorance. His cold voice rose. “Falling Red Clouds Mountain is situated next to Dream Haze Great Lake. At its foot, there is Eastern Forest city. As for the place you mentioned, there are too many cities in the world and I have never heard of Seeking Immortal city. In addition, I don’t carry a map with me.”

“Then, have you heard of China or Shushan Sword School? Do they exist?” Su Wan’s eyes sparkled with hope as she looked at the little boy.

“Are you joking with me? Get out of the way. Grandmaster is still waiting for us!” The boy frowned as he pointed his sword at the strange woman in front of him. Despite his young age, he was quite domineering.

Su Wan pushed the sheathed sword away and appraised it in passing. The sword’s data immediately popped up. A cunning smile spread on her face, making her looked like the wolf in Red Riding Hood. “Big Sister can help you solve the problem plaguing you. I can upgrade your purple iron sword by using a fire crystal stone. Its power will rise tremendously,” she said slickly.

“You can refine weapons? But you haven’t reached the foundation building stage yet.” The boy didn’t believe her.

“Meteor iron, metal spirit, amethyst sand, combined with a thunder crystal stone. Inside, there is Five Thunder array inscribed. Am I correct?” Su Wan tapped on the boy’s sword with a victorious pose.

Although she was level 0, it didn’t affect her life skills. Her appraisal skill could be used indiscriminately. Within her brain, all kinds of recipes from alchemy to refining weapons were at her disposition. Not to mention this was only refining a common grade weapon, how can this stumbled a rare genius refiner great master like her who had already refined immortal grade weapons? This only needed to add a fire crystal stone, and voilà! A piece of cake!

In order to be at the top of the leaderboard, she has spent close to 1,000,000 RMB, swiping multiples credit cards to hire substituted players to grind in her stead. She even bought two epic pets. With all that money spent, her life skills had also reached level 12. Although above level 12, she could switch to the immortal realm. Unfortunately, at that time, she was broke. Without a penny under her name, she couldn’t upgrade her character.

Su Wan sighed as she recalled how she has spent her money like water. She clicked her tongue as her mind wandered. She felt she was too kindhearted and stupid. She shouldn’t have wasted so much money in order to support that two-timing scum and gifting him high-level equipment. Why didn’t she force that damn Chen Tianming to self-detonate and delete his character instead?

The boy stayed silent a moment before saying, “China? Shushan Sword School? Did you make them up? I have heard of the Misty Elusion Immortal Palace, the Pure Jade Immortal Mansion, the Revert Primal School, but I have never heard of the Shushan Sword School or China.”

“Hahaha! Right! I made them up!” Su Wan laughed while pinching the little boy’s cheeks. She completely disregarded his annoyed gaze.

Falling Red Clouds Mountain, Eastern Forest City, Misty Elusion Immortal Palace, Pure Jade Immortal Mansion, Revert Primal School weren’t places which existed in the game Heaven Defying World. Was she in a hidden map? Or… Don’t tell me I didn’t turn into a string of data in a game? Su Wan became agitated. Where the heck did I transmigrate to?

Su Wan whistled while following the little boy as they meandered on a small path. She pretended to be absorbed in observing her surroundings. The mountain was covered in a dense vegetation, made up mostly of tall trees. The great majority appeared to be some kind of mutated crimson azaleas. The flowers bloomed in all kind of reds, vivid and brilliant. A mist covered the place in permanence. However, it wasn’t white like usual but composed of a multitude of colors reminiscing of the sunset glow. It was no wonder the mountain was named Falling Red Clouds Mountain. When she looked down, she saw a valley looming. Occasionally, she could catch sight of a roof hidden among the foliage. The roof was vermillion in color and clashed with the white color of the walls. It seemed to be part of a building resembled a Daoist temple. A breeze picked up and the reddish mist disperse at places, giving the landscape the impression of a fairyland.

As she passed a body of water, she watched the reflection it offered. Looking back at her was a young girl around 17 years old. She had a small face, glistening and spirited eyes, neat fringe with long and thick hair tied into a sideways ponytail. A wooden hairpin was inserted into, and greenish jade earrings dangling on her earlobes. This was the same appearance as her in-game character when she created it.

“Although I don’t know the cause which sent me here, I’ll just go with the flow since I’m already here. Whatever this place is, as long as I am alive, this is all that matter. Grandpa, I can’t be there to support you. You have to take care of yourself…”

Her thoughts finally settled. And, so she raised her eyebrows and stepped up to catch up with the little iceberg.

“Hey, little brother, does your grandmaster had a very long beard and looked like…err thin god-like daoist with a graceful bearing, deep features, and a desolate but unfathomable aura?” In fact, she was describing Huang Yaoshi from Legend of the Condor Heroes. Unfortunately, she had to waste such good adjectives to praise that old pervert. Regardless, she had to bear with it for now.

The little boy’s expression lit up at her words. He strutted his chest with pride. “That’s right! Grandmaster Emerald Splendor is a man among men. One of the most powerful in Bright Cloud Sect!”

Su Wan gritted her teeth. Great! That old leecher had the strength to back him. Without power or influence, my revenge is only empty words. I have to make plans for the long term!

Then she asked him many things while teasing the little boy. The little apprentice reverted back to his hostile attitude, replying once every three questions. She still learned the little one was called Yuexi. She also learned that three days ago, Daoist Emerald Splendor descended to the valley and went to the medicine garden to pick up some medicinal herbs. On his way back, he was hit by her fallen body which made him fell from his flying sword and strayed from his route. (Su Wan: Serve him right!) His newly acquired lingzhi was crushed in the fall. That lingzhi was an important ingredient to concoct a foundation pill and help Yuexi breakthrough.

Halfway down, a blue light streaked through the sky like a meteor. Its destination – Su Wan and Yuexi. Suddenly a woman dressed in purple floated down in front of them. She had a dainty expression and appeared to be evaluating Su Wan from head to toes.

“Greetings Martial-aunt Lang Huan.” Yuexi bowed to her.

Lang Huan gestured at him, and he moved to the side. Then, she flew around to Su Wan. Her slanted eyes didn’t hide the contempt she had. “Are you the girl who harm our sect Martial-great uncle? Humph! There is nothing great about you.”

Su Wan waved at Lang Huan, but in fact, she was using her appraisal skill which succeeded. Her eyes showed a mirth as she pointed at sword beneath Lang Huan. “I have a suggestion – you better come down first.”

“You-” Her words were not finished, but her flying sword abruptly veered in another direction, crashing down from more than a meter. The suddenness of it left her with no time to react and circulated her qi. Without a doubt, she ended up kissing the ground with a loud bang! The impact sent dead leaves flying everywhere. She sat up painful, but her image was lost as she spat out loudly the dirt in her mouth. After she wiped off the mud on her face, she pointed at Su Wan with a trembling finger. Her glistening eyes unfocused from a dizzy spell.

“You- You have the impertinence to plot against me!”

Su Wan stroked her belt innocently. “I did not. I only reminded you kindly. Your flying sword must have hit something and damaged it. If it wasn’t because you carelessly used your inner energy, it wouldn’t go out of control like that.” If she didn’t remind Lang Huan, the sword would have unlikely bifurcated, and there also won’t be such a traffic accid- err… sword accident? She was such a kind person, a holy mother. She did it out of goodwill and not to retaliate against a certain someone.

Lang Huan grabbed her flying sword. Suddenly, she remembered using her sword to hack at a wall made of spirit stones, but she was far from being convinced by the other’s explanation. She got up with hate burning inside her heart. Then, she saw how messy her appearance was. She glared at Su Wan with the urge to hack her into pieces. “I’ll be back!” She turned around and went down the mountain quickly by jumping from one tree to another, not daring to use her flying sword.

“She was the careless one, so why blame me? Do we have to wait here for her?” Su Wan asked the cute boy.

Yuexi was staring at the hole created from Lang Huan’s fall, but Su Wan’s question pulled him out of his reverie. He shook his head and continued to walk down the mountain. His pace was much faster as if wanting to distance himself from Su Wan.

When they reached the end of the mountainous trail and arrived at the top of the mountain, the sky had already turned dark. This could only be blamed on Su Wan because her body had always lack exercises, and she was out of shape. Not to mention the height of Falling Red Clouds Mountains was astonishing, it could even give Yuexi sore feet despite having to climb it every day. However, despite the exhaustion, she was in high spirit the whole time, running here and there to collect several medicinal herbs which were deemed useless weeds by Yuexi.

Su Wan made a small basket from branches and leaves and stuffed it to the brim with what she had foraged. Looking at the full basket, she could only sigh in regret. Inside the game, there was a multitude of skills which made everything possible. Too bad she didn’t have inner energy. If she didn’t she would use it to fly back and forth to transport piles of medicinal herbs.

There were a dozen houses of simple design built at the peak and made out of limestone. Although there was no fancy palace or villa, their architecture gave off a solemness but peaceful impression which could calm people.

Yuexi let out a shout as he happily trotted towards the houses. “We are here.”

A breeze blew, sending the spring blossoms in flight. A beautiful married woman flew toward them, akin to an immortal fairy in paintings. Her hair was combed into a Cloud-style topknot which was secured by a plum blossom hairpin. She held a fan in her hand and her sleeve made of damask sometimes fluttered and other times brushed the ground. A smile hung on her face as she moved lithely and carefree. When she reached them, she took out a handkerchief and wiped gently the sweat on Yuexi. Together, they looked like the perfect picture of a mother and child.

Su Wan shook her head. She inwardly sighed. It was too bad that beautiful woman had a silver mask covering half of her face, making it difficult for her to see the complete appearance of that beauty. However, with only half a face exposed, it was enough to judge how ethereal her beautiful was – glossy skin without blemishes, refined and elegant facial traits, and a detached atmosphere free from the secular worries. Compared to that woman, Su Wan felt like a rough village girl.

Yuexi’s face took a brighter shade of red the same color as his clothes as he inquired in a serious tone, “Martial-grandmother, where is Grandmaster?”

Su Wan stared in disbelief. What did she hear? Martial-grandmother?! That old leecher had a wife? And a beauty to boot? Heavens is truly blind!

“He is refining a foundation pill for you.”

The masked beauty tapped on Yuexi’s nose tips, then she turned to Su Wan with a smile. She gave off an amiable atmosphere. Instinctively, Su Wan hide her basket of medicinal behind her and laughed awkwardly. The masked beauty beckoned her. Su Wan jolted and ran over. She stood in front of the gentle and smiling woman. The woman brushed Su Wan’s hair behind her ears.

“What a pretty girl. So, you are the one who fell on our mountain. The Heavens does not make coincidence happens for nothing.”

“Big Sister, you are so beautiful that I am dazzled.” Su Wan sweet-talked to her. She smelt a light fragrance which was quite intoxicating. She couldn’t help taking a big whiff of it.

The Masked Beauty dusted off gently the dirt on Su Wan. She shook her head with a smile. Her hands were stained with mud, but she didn’t appear to care. Next, she pulled Su Wan with her to a house.

Yuexi wore a stoic face as he tugged on Su Wan’s sleeve. He glared at her and told her to pay attention to etiquette. She couldn’t act unbridled like that in front of Martial-grandmother.

Su Wan turned back and grinned widely at him, showing rows of neat and sparkling teeth. Then, she flaunted at her hand that was held by the masked beauty earlier.

“Girl, where did you come from? I notice you had not stepped onto the road of cultivation, so tell me how you fell from the sky?” The woman poured Su Wan a cup of tea. She was troubled by the strange circumstance of Su Wan’s appearance.

“Big Sister, you can call me Su Wan. I have yet to thank you… Hum… I mean to give my gratitude for your husband’s saving grace. I also don’t understand what happened either. I was in Seeking Immortal city and suddenly, I found myself here.”

Su Wan smelt the tea fragrance. The smell came from infusing misty cloud tea leaves with sweet nectar dew. It had the effect of soothing the mind. Unfortunately, the technique to brew it needed to be improved. Otherwise, the sweet nectar dew and the misty cloud leaves would not combine to perfection and released a better fragrance. It was still drinkable. She maintained her attitude of enjoying tea. She sipped a bit and felt the warm current rushed directly flowed into her dantian from her throat.

“Seeking Immortal city? Could it be that a daoist had reversed the yin and yang of the world, accidentally creating a void to another world? Among those who cultivated, only the owner of Clear Jade Immortal Mansion had the ability to do so…” The masked beauty muttered a bit before turning to Yuexi. “Go into the storage house and bring me the box containing the world map.”

“Miss Su Wan, take a look of the map first. If you find your hometown, Xuan’er will bring you home. If you can’t find your way home, don’t worry. You can temporarily stay here. Although our Bright Cloud sect is small, we had a certain reputation in the world of cultivation and one of the top sects. With your outstanding innate talent, you have the qualifications to enter our Bright Cloud sect. Although we can’t guarantee you could become an immortal, reaching Nascent Soul won’t be a problem.”

“The ten great sects of the cultivation world?” Su Wan didn’t hear the latter part of the masked beauty’s words as her attention was caught on “cultivation world.” She was once a true immortal cultivator inside Heaven Defying World. Although her level had regressed to that of a newbie, the knowledge of reaching a higher realm of cultivation wasn’t lost. Only time and increasing her inner energy would make her recover to her peak state. Her current concern was in which world she had arrived. At first, she thought she was still in the game, but the more she explored, the less she was sure of it.

At that moment, Yuexi came in with a box. The masked beauty put away the cups and teapot, leaving a place to spread out a leather sheet. She focused her inner energy on her finger and hit three places on the map. Suddenly, the blank leather sheet became filled with mountains and rivers made of black ink. The image spread from the center to the edges. In the blink of an eye, a map was revealed.

Su Wan could see lines demarking and identifying the mountain she had just climbed, Eastern Forest, Western city, etc.

“The cultivation world laid at the east of the wilderness. Within the cultivation world, there are 10 major forces; one mansion, two palaces, three schools, and four sects. No one had yet to dethrone Pure Jade Immortal Mansion as the most powerful force. Then, come the Misty Elusion Immortal Palace of Snow Mountain, Savage Mountain’s Nine Solitary Palace, Heaven Vein Mountain’s Revert Primal School, North Sea’s Luojia School, Five Forests’ Origin Five Elements School, Falling Red Clouds Mountain’s Bright Cloud Sect, White Wood Mountain’s Jade Void Sect, East Sea’s Liberty Sect and Flying Island’s Yin Yang Sect.”

The woman’s exquisite finger pointed at another part of the map. Every time she pointed, the picture on the leather sheet changed. In fact, she was enlarging the map. She could even rotate the picture like one could do on google maps.

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