Regular Monday’s releases and other things…

Hello everyone,

Let’s start the week with a few releases of SSMD.

But, before that, I wonder if you have read Transcending the Nine Heavens? It looks like a very typical Xianxia novel, but you will be quite surprise after reading a few chapters. The characters are very well developed and, even if the main character could be very OP in term of strength, he’s actually using his wits to solve his problems first. It also had a good pace in my opinion.

Now, time for the releases and see you on August 22nd.

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Release time, new comrade and another recommandation

Hi everyone,

Please welcome Marci, our new editor. Here’s a few words from Marci.

Hello. I’m Marci, the new editor. I hope I catch all the grammatical mistakes in the chapters. But if I don’t, feel free to point them out, so I can wallow in sadness and grief knowing that I have failed… Anyways, I’m glad to join the Rotten Translations team!

Now, the translations of SSMD will be better quality. 🙂

Now, for the recommendation…

This time, I’m going to recommend the wildly popular Grave Robbers’ Chronicles or known as Daomu Biji (盗墓笔记) in Chinese. (For those who read I’m Really a Superstar, you know what I’m talking about.) It’s a very interesting story about grave robbers and supernatural.

This novel, which was originally a qidian web novel, is now a licensed serie of nine volumes with the first six volumes available in English on amazon.

The serie is so popular in China that it renew the passion for the tomb raiders with supernatural genre. It was also remake into different type of medias such as audio drama, TV drama, movie and manhua (english version could be found here).

The TV drama was named Lost Tomb which has 10 episodes and 2 pilot episodes. As you might suspect, it’s not the whole story of Daomu, just part of it. It’s quite good, but doesn’t completely follow the original plot and added some characters. I want more of it since it left me a bit unsatisfied, BUT lo and behold! The prequel of Lost Tomb, The Mystic Nine, which is out this year, seems to follow the storyline, has 48 episodes in total and is quite badass. There are more than 20 episodes out already in original language. Check out the trailers 123.

I already watched 6+ episodes of Mystic Nine in vietnamese mono-dubbing. I can assure you that hearing one female voice dubbing for all the actors is horrible. The point is, it’s still pretty much the same addicting feeling I got from watching Nirvana in Fire despite the horrible dub. You can check out the english subs of Mystic Nine and Lost Tomb on Viki.

Furthermore, the OST of the drama is quite good. The theme song of Mystic Nine is quite touching.

English translations of the lyrics found from youtuber Laymerence-‘s video. The fan-made video has spoilers in it, so if you want to watch this version instead, you’ve been warned.

Opening, the doors of hell
Without invitation, nor carnal desires
An impermanent road, ransom for a life
Living creature or animal, see you in the underworld
In front of the doors to the underworld, make a wish
Don’t set a date, see you next lifetime
That which can’t be stolen, is called eternity
That which can’t be opened, are the doors to one heart
That which is most beautiful, are one’s dying words
That which is ugliest, are one’s promises
What cannot be changed
Are things in between what we let go, and what we take up
The greatest lie, are tears
The truest things, cannot be seen
What cannot be changed
Are things in between what we let go, and what we take up

If you’re less of drama series fan, you can check out the movie version called Time Raiders which is already out three days ago. Here’s the trailers 1 & 2.

See you on August 15th for the next release.

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July is coming to an end…

Hello everyone,

Here, lots of SSMD and one chapter of Whispers.

It took me a while to translate Whispers. Each chapter’s length is about around four times the length of a SSMD’s chapter. Unlike other novels, you should read the prologue first. Although it’s called prologue, it’s more like the first chapter instead. I guess the author considered the meeting between the two main leads to be the starting point of the story, thus the prologue is not the first chapter for her.

I’ve also switch the project priority between SSMD and RoWG.

As someone once ask why I keep translating RoWG even though Sian is already doing it and is up to 60+ chapters, my answer is RoWG is a translation project which is necessary for translation breakthrough. As you probably guess, the Dao of Translation is unfathomable and vast. Those who thread on such path need to cultivate for a long time until they reach the higher realm of cultivation. The more practice done, the better and faster it is to breakthrough. Oh, and reading about RWX’s Dao of Translations also help. I went wayward on the fifth point of his Dao of Translation. Probably going to spend one whole day to correct all the names. OTL

By the way, SSMD is not really a historical novel. It’s more similar to Descent of the Phoenix (DOP) and The Demonic King Chases His Wife (DKC). As for Whispers, it’s modern times fantasy and comedy. Thus, the crazy hair and eye colour some characters have.

See you on august 8th.

By the way, on that day, the first episode of Zhu Xian (or Qing Yun Zhi, 诛仙青云志) is suppose to be broadcast on Hunan TV. 

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Suprise release, but mainly wanting to talk about something else…

Hi everyone,

I just want to share with you guys something I found, but since this is a translation blog, don’t you think that I need to release a chapter at the same time? ^_~ By the way, I’m being evil as the three other chapters to complete the Chastity Testing Beast part will be release on the 29th as planned. No worry, this chapter doesn’t have much cliffhanger.

So, what did I want to share with you guys? I just stumble upon a puppet show, YES, a puppet show called Thunderbolt Fantasy. BUT, that puppet show made out of ball-jointed dolls (BJD) is impressive. Although, the original language is japanese, but the storyline background is chinese, or to be precise, Xuan Huan genre.

The animation is quite smooth and although the puppets don’t have expression, the body movements and the voices give out emotions which compensate really well for lack of expression on the puppets.

You can check out the video of the fight.

Facebook link to the video with english subs here.

This puppet show is quite far away from Sesame Street and Thunderbirds. Don’t you think?

Anyway, See you on July 29th.

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Mid-July already…

Hello everyone,

Time sure flies by. I mean, more than half a year is already gone.
I had a busy week at work, so couldn’t translate a lot.

Right! Yesterday was the first blind audition for Sing! China. Some pretty nice songs to be add on my music list. I like music, but my musical taste depends on my mood.

Talking about music reminds me of that MV I saw the other day that got me all hype. The reason why I am so hype is because the first episode of Zhu Xian is about to be broadcast soon or so I read from here. There’s no specific date for first broadcast yet.

Here’s the trailer with english subs

Here’s the MV of one of the OST of Zhu Xian (I guess Zhu Xian is not just about tragedy.)

Here’s the link to the novel via Novel Updates

From the MV and trailer, the drama seemed to have quite a big budget with a nice cast. I hope it could give me the same hype and addicting feeling when I watch the old Condor Heroes, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber and Nirvana in Fire. Unfortunately, I can’t stomach Return of the Condor Heroes no matter which version.

Now, on with the releases and see you on July 29th.

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RoWG and SSMD chapters

Hello everyone,

Here are a few releases against Monday Blues. When talking about Monday Blues, the song Existence by Wang Feng came to mind.

Congrats to Portugal for winning the EuroCup 2016. France… Next time in 2020…

I’ve been asked about having a more regular releases schedule, but, unfortunately, my work schedule is irregular and it’s a fact that will never change, so there’s no way I can have a regular schedule for release. Unless, I win the lottery which I never buy tickets for and forget about donations, such irregular income is only possible for super translators. I will only ask you guys to donate lots of love, patience and fun gossips or anecdotes or stories.

Anyway, I’ll keep releasing on specific date since the date is chosen according to my irregular working schedule.

About SSMD… It will stay as a side-project until I get the hang of the new glossary terms in it and the writing style. You will know when it will become an official project.

See you on July 16th!

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July already…

Hi everyone,

As usual, I will start with an announcement.

The past week, work was more hectic than ever. So, I wasn’t able to translate as much as I would like to. What more chapter 8 of SSMD was more difficult than I thought. I have to do more research for specific terms every four or five sentences, not to mention that unlike RoWG, SSMD is a completely different world that has invented words that can’t always be find in dictionary.

Apart from invented words, poems and mention of known cultural facts or slangs are another difficulty when translating. I personally admired the translators and editors for I’m really a superstar, because that great novel is hard to translate and to make sense out of it with all the poems and art related culture specific to China.

Unfortunately, no RoWG chapter this time. I didn’t have time to finish translating it. More RoWG next time.

See you on July 11th.

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