July already…

Hi everyone,

As usual, I will start with an announcement.

The past week, work was more hectic than ever. So, I wasn’t able to translate as much as I would like to. What more chapter 8 of SSMD was more difficult than I thought. I have to do more research for specific terms every four or five sentences, not to mention that unlike RoWG, SSMD is a completely different world that has invented words that can’t always be find in dictionary.

Apart from invented words, poems and mention of known cultural facts or slangs are another difficulty when translating. I personally admired the translators and editors for I’m really a superstar, because that great novel is hard to translate and to make sense out of it with all the poems and art related culture specific to China.

Unfortunately, no RoWG chapter this time. I didn’t have time to finish translating it. More RoWG next time.

See you on July 11th.

 SSMD – Chapter 8

SSMD – Chapter 9

5 comments on “July already…

  1. wel says:

    thank you for your hand work!


  2. midoriha says:

    thanks for the update and two chapters!
    ah, it always takes a lot of time doing research! i know that feel—! -pats you on the back-
    -gives ice-cream cakes- do your best—!


  3. reiika says:

    Thanks for your hard work and the chapter =)


  4. Tachi Works says:

    Yeah IRAS is amazing the way they translate the meanings behind Chinese sayings and stuff o-o

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