RoWG and SSMD chapters

Hello everyone,

Here are a few releases against Monday Blues. When talking about Monday Blues, the song Existence by Wang Feng came to mind.

Congrats to Portugal for winning the EuroCup 2016. France… Next time in 2020…

I’ve been asked about having a more regular releases schedule, but, unfortunately, my work schedule is irregular and it’s a fact that will never change, so there’s no way I can have a regular schedule for release. Unless, I win the lottery which I never buy tickets for and forget about donations, such irregular income is only possible for super translators. I will only ask you guys to donate lots of love, patience and fun gossips or anecdotes or stories.

Anyway, I’ll keep releasing on specific date since the date is chosen according to my irregular working schedule.

About SSMD… It will stay as a side-project until I get the hang of the new glossary terms in it and the writing style. You will know when it will become an official project.

See you on July 16th!

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