July is coming to an end…

Hello everyone,

Here, lots of SSMD and one chapter of Whispers.

It took me a while to translate Whispers. Each chapter’s length is about around four times the length of a SSMD’s chapter. Unlike other novels, you should read the prologue first. Although it’s called prologue, it’s more like the first chapter instead. I guess the author considered the meeting between the two main leads to be the starting point of the story, thus the prologue is not the first chapter for her.

I’ve also switch the project priority between SSMD and RoWG.

As someone once ask why I keep translating RoWG even though Sian is already doing it and is up to 60+ chapters, my answer is RoWG is a translation project which is necessary for translation breakthrough. As you probably guess, the Dao of Translation is unfathomable and vast. Those who thread on such path need to cultivate for a long time until they reach the higher realm of cultivation. The more practice done, the better and faster it is to breakthrough. Oh, and reading about RWX’s Dao of Translations also help. I went wayward on the fifth point of his Dao of Translation. Probably going to spend one whole day to correct all the names. OTL

By the way, SSMD is not really a historical novel. It’s more similar to Descent of the Phoenix (DOP) and The Demonic King Chases His Wife (DKC). As for Whispers, it’s modern times fantasy and comedy. Thus, the crazy hair and eye colour some characters have.

See you on august 8th.

By the way, on that day, the first episode of Zhu Xian (or Qing Yun Zhi, 诛仙青云志) is suppose to be broadcast on Hunan TV. 

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