A major modification to SSMD

Hi everyone,

Frodfy has been very kind by pointing out I translate the wrong character for Xue Mo’s surname. In fact, I mix up the traditional character of Zhu with the simplified character of Ning. I made the modification in all SSMD chapters.

Another thing, if you see any errors or words in wrong language or ungrammatical sentences that don’t make sense, feel free to tell me since I have no TLC nor editor to double-check my translation with fresh eyes. What more, English is my third language and Chinese is my fourth language which I’m currently learning.

By the way, here’s chapter 7 of SSMD.

8 comments on “A major modification to SSMD

  1. AbsoluteMeowster says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Is that our male lead coming?


  2. wel says:

    Love your work, really enjoying this story! I am stalking your page every day for updates


  3. Lucy says:

    thank you very much!


  4. frodfy says:

    I’m not kind… I’m an evil person…
    btw, I could try to help you with poisoning if you want
    i’m translating to spanish currently, my mother language…
    a minor mistake on this chapter 是 不 老不死 的 神仙, means an immortal who doesn’t grow old nor dies.
    also I think “they walked on snow” their talking about the socks they were pure white like snow.. I don’t really care about if it’s the snow on the ground or what

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  5. nefe18 says:

    what other languages do you speak?


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