Regular Monday’s releases and other things…

Hello everyone,

Let’s start the week with a few releases of SSMD.

But, before that, I wonder if you have read Transcending the Nine Heavens? It looks like a very typical Xianxia novel, but you will be quite surprise after reading a few chapters. The characters are very well developed and, even if the main character could be very OP in term of strength, he’s actually using his wits to solve his problems first. It also had a good pace in my opinion.

Now, time for the releases and see you on August 22nd.

SSMD – Chapter 28

SSMD – Chapter 29

SSMD – Chapter 30

5 comments on “Regular Monday’s releases and other things…

  1. AbsoluteMeowster says:

    Thanks for the chapters~ I’ll take your recommendation into consideration!


  2. reiika says:

    Thanks for the chapters =)


  3. Megatron says:

    Thanks! I just found your website yesterday and Really really enjoy the stories!


  4. anna says:

    yes.. i agree.. the first few chapter is too poetic for my liking (it’s done by different translator than the current translation). But then when it’d of king hell of chu arc, it’s send me flying with laughter every chapter XD
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3


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