Good News & Recruitment

Hey everyone!
I have a new translator to help translating SSMD.

Without further ado, here’s a few words from her.

Hello everyone, I’m Wenhui, a new translator on this site. Well, I’ve just started translating so if something doesn’t sound quite right please bear with me and point it out.

With a new helper, SSMD chapters will be release once per week regularly. You will read a batch of chapters each time. Since the chapters are short and most of the time there is a cliffhanger at the end, believe me it’s better to read lots of chapter at once. Beside, you will feel like the story actually advances instead of two or three chapters of only cliffhanger, but no progress in the story.

Notice : Recruiting one or two expert cultivators of the Editing and Grammar Dao for SSMD. Please use the contact form if interest.

One last thing, the first broadcast’s date for Legend of Chusen (Zhu Xian) had been pushed to early, so if you haven’t watch it yet, you can find the first 4 episodes with english subtitles here.

Now, all that’s left, is the surprise releases translates by Wenhui. Enjoy!

Don’t forget that in three days, august 8th, there is another batch of releases.

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