The special “Back to school” releases

Hello everyone,

Wenhui went berserk with translations, so we got some massive releases for you to read today. You should enjoy every bit of it because we’re not doing it often.

We’re still in search for an editor with good grammar and a tl checker for the side-projects. If interest, please contact us through the Contact Form.

Today’s massive release is just a bit of encouragement for all the students from all ages out there. School might seem horrible and boring at time or often, but it’s a place where you can accomplish at least one of your dreams. So, may luck be with you in your studies, love life, friend life, career life, etc. I hope you will be able to make at least one of your dreams comes true during this school year.

Here’s a motivational video about dreams.

Some have big dreams and some, like me, have small ones, but it doesn’t matter if the dreams are big or smalls. All that matter is how much you invest into your dreams because even the smallest dream needs efforts to be made into reality.

That’s it, enjoy the releases and see you on the first monday of september (5th).

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