Regular releases

Hello everyone,

So, I’ve been looking at most of the comments you guys wrote and I saw that you guys love it when the Xuemo face-smacked her enemies with words or actions. Nothing wrong with it and, in fact, I have the perfect novel to recommend.

If you haven’t read “Princess Weiyang (The Concubine’s Daughter is Poisonous)” yet, then, you should try it. It doesn’t focus too much on the main character’s romance as it’s more about Weiyang and how she’s going to get back at everyone who wronged her in her previous life and live a different and better life. There’s lots of face-smacking, scheming and battle of wits. There’s no supernatural or weird immortal cultivation. The story is set in ancient times, but it’s unfounded history. I read the raws up to chapter 116 and I’m still hooked and flabbergasted at Weiyang’s schemes.

Now, on with the releases and see you on the 29th for the special back to school releases.

P.S. : We’re still looking for editors good with english grammar and TL checkers for the side-projects. If interest, you can contact me through the contact form.

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