Happy Father’s day!

Hello everyone!

Another batch of releases for father’s day!

See you on July 3rd for more chapters to read.

Although, I might release 1-2 chapters of SSMD next week if I’m not too burn from work and actually have some time to translate. No guarantee though.

Father’ day’s releases

RoWG – Chapter 26

RoWG – Chapter 27

SSMD – Chapter 5

2 comments on “Happy Father’s day!

  1. exqalph03 says:

    Haha~ XD! This is really great! Hmm… I haven’t really found many like this, that can really entice me, hmmm… interest and captivate me, I have only come to like “The Virtuous Wife” and ” Chu Wang Fei” and this will most likely be the next one!

    This made my day! Happy to see and know that this novel is being translated. 😉

    — Thanks for the chapters~ ^^. Really appreciate it~ :).


  2. reiika says:

    Yeah! Thanks for the chapters!!! =)


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