Mid-July already…

Hello everyone,

Time sure flies by. I mean, more than half a year is already gone.
I had a busy week at work, so couldn’t translate a lot.

Right! Yesterday was the first blind audition for Sing! China. Some pretty nice songs to be add on my music list. I like music, but my musical taste depends on my mood.

Talking about music reminds me of that MV I saw the other day that got me all hype. The reason why I am so hype is because the first episode of Zhu Xian is about to be broadcast soon or so I read from here. There’s no specific date for first broadcast yet.

Here’s the trailer with english subs

Here’s the MV of one of the OST of Zhu Xian (I guess Zhu Xian is not just about tragedy.)

Here’s the link to the novel via Novel Updates

From the MV and trailer, the drama seemed to have quite a big budget with a nice cast. I hope it could give me the same hype and addicting feeling when I watch the old Condor Heroes, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber and Nirvana in Fire. Unfortunately, I can’t stomach Return of the Condor Heroes no matter which version.

Now, on with the releases and see you on July 29th.

SSMD – Chapter 11

3 comments on “Mid-July already…

  1. Aisara says:

    The feeling of when i want to read but not enough chapters…
    Thanks for the chapter


  2. AbsoluteMeowster says:

    Can’t comment on the chapter, so I’ll comment here!

    Ahaha, the Chastity Beast is a failed crossover of multiple animals. Seriously hope our MC has an ace up her sleeve for this one, since the stupid Sixth Prince looks like he really really wants to kill her.

    Thanks for the chapter~ Looking forward to the next one!
    And hmm, I’ve never watched Condor Heroes, not really into fighting/action movies unless they have comedy in them, but maybe I’ll try it out.


  3. ehenablog says:

    i clicked the link to the trailer and damn that’s some good shit, time travel is straight up my alley. thanks mate for the awesome rec.


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