The unusual recommendation and monday releases

Hi everyone,

We’re still in search for Translation Checkers either for the main project or the side-projects. You need to have enough free time to TL checked around 3,000 to 4,000 chinese characters once per week which is the equivalent of one chapter of side project or 3-4 chapters of the main project. If you’re interest, contact us through the Contact Form.

Now, let’s start off the week with some regular releases and the recommendation I was hinting about last week.

Last monday, I mentioned about wanting to recommend something that was different from the usual novels, drama or music. What more, it’s a very useful recommendation. I got that recommendation from some of my colleagues who happen to be either in school, are returning to school or are parents. I try it myself to see if it was true.

I must say that it was quite fun and not boring at all. I even had fun exploring the website with my younger sibling. So, this week recommendation is the very easy-to-use, easy-to-understand and fun-to-use website, Khan Academy.

Yes, you guess it right! I’m recommending an absolutely free learning/educational website which aims to “provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. -Khan Academy” The website content is translate into different language. The content in other languages are not as exhaustive as the english content which is based on US system. The french content is based on France system.

They are partnered with different institutions like NASA, MIT, The Museum of Modern Art and The California Academy of Sciences which allowed them to have a variety of subjects like Math, Physics, Music, History, Computer Science, Finance, etc. It’s NOT just high school’s or college’s contents. They have kindergarten math up to calculus and much more difficult math. That’s the reason why I got the recommendation from parents too.

What is really fun with Khan Academy is the so-not intimidating video length or text for learning and understanding the theory, and the energy points system and the badges system.

Unlike MIT open courses (also free, but content could be difficult to understand if you don’t have the prerequisite), you will not watch a record of a real class which could be almost an hour. The videos on Khan Academy are around 15 minutes or so. The way the theories are explained is easy to understand. You get the essential of what you need to learn. It’s also perfect to help revised quickly since you might not be able to get your teacher to teach anything if you’re revising during the night. You can ask question through comments box too.

As for the reward system, every time you master a skill (math skill or X subject theory) or complete mission or complete a course, you get energy points which unlock badges and achievements. This is something very fun and rewarding, especially for kids. For parents, they can view their kid’s progress by linking their Khan account to their kid’s account. Parents even have tips and videos on how to help and motivate their child to learn. You can also get a coach to help you learn. I can’t really talk much about it since I didn’t explore that coach function yet. In fact, there are others advantages and functions in Khan Academy which I have not yet explore, but I think this should be enough to give you an idea already.

That’s it for today. See you next monday!

SSMD Chapter 61 to 68

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