Thank you for playing!


Darn it! You guys were too fast and got all the answers right in less than an hour.

Let’s congratulate pokebailey, Pandabluwinter, aigeha26, nibble nible nom and Maen joy for getting the correct answers!

Thank you to everyone participating in this game.

Next time, I’ll make a harder quiz. I think this one is not challenging enough. ūüėČ

Alrighty! All bonus chapters are now available for reading! You can now read from chapter 89 to 100! Enjoy!

See you next monday!


Hi everyone!

Today is Halloween. We have tons of treats for you, BUT you won’t get them for free. Why?

Because we work very hard to make it possible, we also want to receive our reward which is watching you guys work together to unlock new SSMD bonus chapters. This is a cooperative game¬†where the reward is bonus chapters. Don’t worry, the game is not too difficult when playing together. It might be time consuming though, because it’s a Treasure Hunting Quiz game.

So, how does it works?

It’s very simple to understand, you will hunt for the answer of the quiz questions through various place on the internet from the clues I give you. At the same time, the answers will make you discover new things (maybe) although not all of them are considered recommendations¬†for this week. Ain’t that exciting? I must say it’s like “une pierre, deux coups!”

What do you mean by cooperative game?

It means that you have to help each other since the first person to give the right answer in the comments of this post will unlock the bonus chapter for everyone to read.¬†Isn’t that a good thing? Even if you give 10 answers, but only got 1 answer right and you are the first one to get that answer right answer, you will unlock one bonus chapter for everyone.

That means you guys can give one answer or two, no need to reply to all of them.

When will you unlock the bonus chapter?

Since I’m not glue to wordpress, when I reply to a comment and confirm a bonus chapter is unlock, it will be available in the following minutes, except if wordpress crash or lag.

When will the game ends?

You have until sunday to get all the answers right. ūüôā

The Treasure Hunting Quiz will be after the link for the regular chapters releases. ^___^

Good luck everyone!

Next regular release will be next monday as usual.

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Regular releases

Hi everyone,

It’s very important that you know that from now on until chapter 100 or so, it will be non-stop cliffhanger. You can wait until chapter 100 is release to read in one shot or you can continue reading what we release weekly.

We are still in need of TL checkers who can help making sure translations are accurate.

Now, for the weekly recommendation… For novels, I don’t usually recommend something that doesn’t have much chapters translate, but, since the translator is known to be steady with translation and do finish their projects, I’ll recommend Eight Treasures Trousseau¬†from the same author of¬†To be a Virtuous Wife.

Once again, it’s a reincarnation/transmigration context. An actress died and found herself in the body of a¬†di daughter who everyone thought was ugly and ridicule her because¬†she was to marry the Emperor’s nephew who is known to be the most handsome man in the capital. And thus, the story begins…

You can see the same style of writing as in To be a Virtuous Wife, but the story is more details about the political conflicts than it was in TBVW.

That’s it for this week, see you next monday on Halloween.

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Here it is! Regular releases!

Hi everyone,

I was a bit busy this week with NUF Halloween contest, so I didn’t tl-checked much. Now, that it’s done, I’m focusing on it. You will get more chapter of SSMD next week.

So this week’s recommendation is Cultivation Chat Group. It’s about a normal university student who got invited to a chat group by mistake. At first, he was reading the conversation in the chat group as source entertainment, not believing that the people in that group were cultivators. After a while, he discovered that everything was real and thus, he began to thread on the road of cultivation.

It’s a very funny novel that got you out of the usual modern xianxia clich√©. It’s a good change of pace and the translated chapters are getting into the good parts.

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You DARE to STEAL and REMOVE the credits and say the content is YOUR COPYRIGHT?!

Hi everyone!

I’m totally pissed.

A third party website copy and paste the translations which we work hard on and share with the public FOR FREE, and they DARE REMOVE OUR CREDITS and claiming the content is THEIR COPYRIGHT AND MAKING MONEY FROM THE TRAFFIC ON THEIR WEBSITE.

I don’t care if our translations is being share by third party, BUT DON’T YOU DARE REMOVE THE CREDITS. I’m someone who has been in the manga/anime community for years and I totally understand that people want to share things in readers and everywhere without asking permission to garner traffic and get money out of it. Fine, do it, but the TABOO about these sharing is REMOVING CREDITS.

You do that, you pissed me off and if you pissed me off, I’ll make it so that taking our website content will take you more time than it is worth it. I know how to be a troll!

I’m make my point clear by releasing an unedited and untlchecked chapter right now. I will not announced when I will re-edit that chapter, so, sorry readers, you will have to check it yourself.¬†

So next time, whoever copy&paste our translations on third party website reader-ish type, they better KEEP THE CREDITS.

SSMD ‚Äď Chapter 80


Thanksgiving releases!

Hi everyone!

We have some announcements.

First, we’re still searching for a TL checker to verify the accuracy of our translations. So, that person need to know Chinese and English. The task take less time compare to translating. If you’re interest, please contact us through Contact Form.

Since we don’t have another TL checker to help out and give me more time to translate, Record of Washed Grievances is dropped. We will be focusing on SSMD and Whispers. Well, it doesn’t change much for most readers since I’m sure most of you are already reading Sian’s translations of RoWG on Nutty’s blog, but, for me, it makes a huge difference in my schedule. Wait for around two months and you will feel the real impact of today’s decision.

A glossary has been add for SSMD. I tried to make it spoiler free, but there might be some minor spoilers.

Next, there will be two recommendations this week.

First¬†recommendation is… Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King‚Äôs Concubine (EAA). It’s quite similar to SSMD, but less dark and gory. It’s sweeter too. The main couple is a honeyed balm on my heart. You won’t be disappointed with the quality and release speed of that one since Miki, the translator of Child of Light (CoL), is doing it as her main project since CoL is completely translated since yesterday.¬†If you can spot the chapters I TLC of EAA and comment here, I’ll release a chapter or two of SSMD tomorrow. Just a warning, those chapters might end with a huge cliffhanger. Choose wisely. Fufufu! ^_~

Second recommendation of the week is… the time-traveling drama based on Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. You will not be disappointed in the acting, the story flow and the plot. Well, I wasn’t. I might be subjective to Lee Joon Ki’s acting, but darn he is good. Don’t be afraid, it’s really not a copy of the chinese version of the drama, it’s much better. I like the fact that the romance is there and slowly built (no love at first sight), but the political context and struggles takes a lot more importance which make the main female character shined by her boldness. She also doesn’t need to be always save by her love interest, she can save herself.

That’s it! See you next monday!

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Quick releases

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a bit busy last week, so I did not have any time to write a recommendation for this week.

Well, at least, this week releases will warm your heart considering how bloody the story has been for the past weeks in SSMD.

Notice : Still in need for TL-checkers. Contact us through contact form if interested.

See you next monday.

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