You DARE to STEAL and REMOVE the credits and say the content is YOUR COPYRIGHT?!

Hi everyone!

I’m totally pissed.

A third party website copy and paste the translations which we work hard on and share with the public FOR FREE, and they DARE REMOVE OUR CREDITS and claiming the content is THEIR COPYRIGHT AND MAKING MONEY FROM THE TRAFFIC ON THEIR WEBSITE.

I don’t care if our translations is being share by third party, BUT DON’T YOU DARE REMOVE THE CREDITS. I’m someone who has been in the manga/anime community for years and I totally understand that people want to share things in readers and everywhere without asking permission to garner traffic and get money out of it. Fine, do it, but the TABOO about these sharing is REMOVING CREDITS.

You do that, you pissed me off and if you pissed me off, I’ll make it so that taking our website content will take you more time than it is worth it. I know how to be a troll!

I’m make my point clear by releasing an unedited and untlchecked chapter right now. I will not announced when I will re-edit that chapter, so, sorry readers, you will have to check it yourself. 

So next time, whoever copy&paste our translations on third party website reader-ish type, they better KEEP THE CREDITS.

SSMD – Chapter 80