Here it is! Regular releases!

Hi everyone,

I was a bit busy this week with NUF Halloween contest, so I didn’t tl-checked much. Now, that it’s done, I’m focusing on it. You will get more chapter of SSMD next week.

So this week’s recommendation is Cultivation Chat Group. It’s about a normal university student who got invited to a chat group by mistake. At first, he was reading the conversation in the chat group as source entertainment, not believing that the people in that group were cultivators. After a while, he discovered that everything was real and thus, he began to thread on the road of cultivation.

It’s a very funny novel that got you out of the usual modern xianxia cliché. It’s a good change of pace and the translated chapters are getting into the good parts.

SSMD – Chapter 81 to 83

5 comments on “Here it is! Regular releases!

  1. This appeared twice on NU


    • Grenn says:

      I think someone was competing with me on how fast they can add the releases, but they always forgot to add the other chapters.


      • lol I’m glad they add it though if people don’t add these series to NU I would never find all these amazing stories I get to read. Wish the one with reincarnated and mistaken as a genius was updated some day…. its at chapter 7 still and updates every 5 or more months…. I liked that story…


        • Grenn says:

          Yeah, I know what you mean.

          I don’t usually start reading a translation until it reached a certain number of chapters, especially with japanese ones.


  2. SeiraJLoyard says:

    Yay! Thanks for the Chapters!


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