Regular releases

Hi everyone,

It’s very important that you know that from now on until chapter 100 or so, it will be non-stop cliffhanger. You can wait until chapter 100 is release to read in one shot or you can continue reading what we release weekly.

We are still in need of TL checkers who can help making sure translations are accurate.

Now, for the weekly recommendation… For novels, I don’t usually recommend something that doesn’t have much chapters translate, but, since the translator is known to be steady with translation and do finish their projects, I’ll recommend Eight Treasures Trousseau from the same author of To be a Virtuous Wife.

Once again, it’s a reincarnation/transmigration context. An actress died and found herself in the body of a di daughter who everyone thought was ugly and ridicule her because she was to marry the Emperor’s nephew who is known to be the most handsome man in the capital. And thus, the story begins…

You can see the same style of writing as in To be a Virtuous Wife, but the story is more details about the political conflicts than it was in TBVW.

That’s it for this week, see you next monday on Halloween.

SSMD – Chapter 84 to 88

4 comments on “Regular releases

  1. Isara says:

    If you didn’t introduce the novel, I could have missed it! Thank you so much for the chappie!


  2. raimei says:

    Thank you very much for the chapters and for providing the recommendation!
    Now waiting for the next batch.. huehuehue


  3. aiya03 says:

    Hey, thanks for the heads up and I’ll be sure to check out Eight Treasure Trousseau! I like TBVW so I’m pretty excited for a new novel from the same author😊

    Thanks again for everything!


  4. kewpified says:

    The wait it going to be brutal. One release per week until chapter 100. Over two months. /cry. I was addicted to this one. Thank you for recommending something else in the meantime.


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