Monday releases again…

Hi everyone!

Some changes are made to two names in SSMD for various reasons.

The Emperor (not the Chang Kong Country’s emperor) has been renamed as The Ancestor. It will be less confusing.

Ji Yunhuang’s sect, Ri Yue Sect, has been changed to Sun Moon Sect. You will understand why we made the change after reading chapter 52 of SSMD.

The corrections will be made to previous chapters during the coming week.

Next is… introducing our new editors for the side-projects : Sleepycatz and Tsubaki.

Sleepycatz is an enthusiastic reader who loves cat naps and mysteries.

Tsubaki is… Tsubaki. 😛

Note : I’m still recruiting TL checkers by the way.

This week recommendation is… Two Steps from Hell.

What the heck is that?

It’s not a new novel, a new drama nor a new movie. It’s an American production music company that specialized in movie and trailers music. But why would I recommend a production music company? You should listen to their music first and we’ll take after. 🙂

Dragon Rider

Heart of Courage

Ocean Princess

Undying Love

Of course, theses are not the best one, but it’s a good introduction. The thing that is quite fascinating with music is how it can make you travel without moving, inspire you while writing stories and help you daydream of a different life.

See you next monday!

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