Late Mid-Autumn Festival releases


I’m a bit late for the Mid-Autumn Festival releases which was on September 15th. Work was quite hectic, but at least I was able to eat delicious mooncakes at work to sooth my anguish to return home and celebrating it with the whole family.

As usual, before we get to the releases part, here comes the weekly recommendation which was quite a dilemma. I was hesitating a lot between recommending another drama or something completely different from the usual. In the end, I decided to recommend a drama for this week. The “something completely different” will be for next week when I get to… err…explore it a bit more in depth. For a hint, it’s something useful and I heard a lot of good reviews about it from my colleagues.

This week recommendation is the drama “A Love Through a Millenium“. It’s a chinese drama from last year. For those of you who love time-traveling with romance, this is the drama you have to watch. In fact, it’s based on the popular korean drama “Queen In Huyn’s man“. I stress the “based on” since the premise is similar, but the story is not a carbon copy of the korean drama. In fact, it’s completely different as it goes on. You have to watch pass episode 2. This is my personal opinion, but the main female lead is annoying at first because of her weird acting in episode 1, but she get better as you watch. (I still prefer Yoo In Na’s acting.)

That’s it for today.

See you next monday.

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