Labor day’s releases and…

Hi everyone,

It’s already the first monday of september. We’re already in the later half of 2016. Time sure flies.

Recruitment notice : TL checkers for main and side-projects. If you know Chinese, want to contribute, but you have no time to translate, tl check is the task for you. If interest, please contact us through Contact Form. (When we have another tl checker, I will have more time to translate the side-projects) 

For today’s post, except for the usual releases, what do I want to make you guys discover? How about we go with music this time? Something different from the usual pop music, rock, rap and R&B; Something like… fusion music.

What’s fusion music? The best way to describe it is to listen to the following videos.

Rising – Yoshida Brothers

Last minute – Oriental Express

Crazy Horse – Duplessy and the violins of the world

Paradise – Coldplay (african version) by The PianoGuys

The Arena – Lindsey Stirling

I find fusion music very interesting. It has so much variety and it always makes me wonder how can the combination of instrument A + instrument B which are usually used for X or Y type of music become something completely different when combine together.

I hope you enjoy discovering something new today.

See you on next monday.

SSMD – Chapter 45 to 48

5 comments on “Labor day’s releases and…

  1. AbsoluteMeowster says:

    Thanks for the update! Yay, a little happiness in my day~

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  2. I really really really liked the Duplessy one. It was great.


  3. apkskull says:

    Thank you …

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nielyti says:

    I love the fusion music! it brings “a new air” in music.


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