Qidian 101 by CKtalon & etvolare [reposting]

I have to share this since I think it’s pretty important to give support to Authors for their hardwork in creating all those stories we enjoy and translate. No money involved in it. 

As CKtalon and etvolare said on the page that can be access through the link down there, any chinese novels websites that let you read without a paywall is a pirate one which doesn’t give a cent to authors who are on contracts and live from the money earn through numbers of views, readership, recommendations, etc.

For now, there is only a guide to support Qidian’s authors. I encourage everyone to give some support in a non monetary way. 😀

Qidian 101 by CKtalon & etvolare


Mid-April’s releases and random things

Hello everyone,

It’s already the second monday of the month! Time sure flies.

First, let’s start off with a few announcements and then, it will be time for a new batch of translated chapters to help ease the monday blues.

  1. Record of Washed Grievances is still going to be translate at a steady pace even if Sian’s translations on Nutty’s blog are farther.
  2. For the next two or three months, I have no intention on picking up a new project or working on another translations projects/teasers since it would distracted me too much from translating at a decent speed MCIF at Radiant Translations and RoWG.
  3. After two or three months, depending on how far I am with RoWG’s translations, I might pick up second official project. I’ve yet settle to a specific novel since it will depend if it would be pick up or not by someone else at that time. Feel free to suggest something.

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