Mid-April’s releases and random things

Hello everyone,

It’s already the second monday of the month! Time sure flies.

First, let’s start off with a few announcements and then, it will be time for a new batch of translated chapters to help ease the monday blues.

  1. Record of Washed Grievances is still going to be translate at a steady pace even if Sian’s translations on Nutty’s blog are farther.
  2. For the next two or three months, I have no intention on picking up a new project or working on another translations projects/teasers since it would distracted me too much from translating at a decent speed MCIF at Radiant Translations and RoWG.
  3. After two or three months, depending on how far I am with RoWG’s translations, I might pick up second official project. I’ve yet settle to a specific novel since it will depend if it would be pick up or not by someone else at that time. Feel free to suggest something.

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March’s translations up for reading and others things

Hello everyone!

Today is the day for the first monthly releases of this blog. I’m happy that during this month my motivation to translate didn’t lessen, but was fuel instead. I guess that had a lot to do with being able to have the support and help of translators and editors at Radiant Translations and the random karaoke with other translators and editors from various translation groups. And so, with the motto of fun and dedication, here’s what I have in store for you guys to read.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention I add the links for the others blogs I know that are translating either the same book as me or others books from the same series.

We should share the love of good cnovels with each other. If you guys know blogs with interesting translated cnovels, please do share with me. Don’t go hogging the good stuffs because I don’t. ^_~

One last thing, I’m changing the frequency of the update to every two weeks instead of monthly. So, the blog will be update on the second week and last week without a specific date with a minimum of one chapter every time.

As a reminder, I’m a lone translator, english is my third language and chinese my fourth language. Which means it takes me more time to translate compare to other translators and if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes, please do point it out so I can correct them. Thank you for your comprehension!

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