Dream of Fuyao – Chapter 5


Chapter 5 – He Must be Gay


Happy, Murong Fuyao skipped to the bedside while undressing. She blew out the candle and said in an excited and shy tone, “Milord, I don’t have any request. This is my first time, so I hope you can be gentle.”

She blurted out heroically as she was about to lie down on the bed, “Come!”

Then, she heard the sounds of Nangong Huo undressing.

Using the dim moonlight coming through the window, she could make out the vague sight of his chest muscles. The first thought that popped into her mind was “This man must be a very bold and fierce person.” Then, she wondered if her body could endure receiving him.

Unfortunately, everything was only her delusions.

After Nangong Huo laid down, he pulled her into his embrace and no longer move.

Are you joking with me?

If she was full of enthusiasm a moment ago, right now, her body felt like it was doused with cold water. Cold to the point she was gritting her teeth.

To serve him is to act as a bolster?! Was he too pure or was it her who is too dirty-mind? Wait, could he be impotent? Otherwise, why didn’t he do anything when a great beauty like her was served in front of him?

The other possibility, which could explain why a man would still sleep in separated chambers after two years of marriage, is because he likes men. This also explained why he can’t have sexual intercourse with his wife.

But, there was an extremely fishy point – don’t they usually sleep in separated rooms? Why did he decide to go to her room tonight? Did he notice she wanted to escape and came to keep an eye on her?

It was the first time she slept on the same bed with a man, and in that man’s arms too. So, she wasn’t too used to it and couldn’t stop wiggling.

Nangong Huo frowned faintly. “Stop moving around!”

She gulped. “Milord, I can you not hug me like this? It’s uncomfortable and I can’t sleep.”

He perked up. “I am uncomfortable too.”

His words were laden with layers of hidden meanings which rendered Murong Fuyao speechless. She moved a bit to realize that part of him was standing in full attention.

If he wasn’t impotent, he must be gay! She had learned from history that broken-sleeve existed in ancient time, but she didn’t expect to encounter a broken-sleeve and one so close to her.

At that moment, she had no idea how to react to that discovery.

How shitty!

Although she was a fujoshi, she didn’t wish for her husband to be gay. Was such a handsome guy with golden ratio proportion. Why couldn’t she have the fortune to enjoy such a body?


At one point, she fell asleep. When she awoke, the sun had already risen high into the sky and Nangong Huo had already left.

After getting out of bed and changing, she went to the door and sketched her waist. A sigh slipped out of her mouth, feeling as if she should enjoy this forced early retirement. She was a special agent in the modern days, living her life at the edge of life and death. A stressful life like that was tiring in the long term.

“Your Ladyship, would you like to eat breakfast?” Lian Qiao came in and curtsied.

Murong Fuyao curled up her lips. She went forward and helped Lian Qiao to get up. Then, she hooked her maidservant’s neck. “Little Liang Qiao, looking at the time, we better eat breakfast and lunch at the same time.”

Lian Qiao was frightened by Murong Fuyao over friendly attitude. She had a terrified expression. Her body stiffed as she spoke in a trembling voice. “Y-your ladyship, I…”

Murong Fuyao knew her maidservant had courage the size of a pea. In a reassuring tone, she said, “Little Lian Qiao, don’t be nervous. In the future, you will be my little sister. What do you think?”

“Your Ladyship, I-i-i…” The poor maidservant had cold sweat. Her legs softened, almost making her kneeled down. Fortunately, Murong Fuyao supported her.

The former couldn’t help rolling her eyes. “Oh my! Look at how scared you are. It’s not like I am eating people.”


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