Dream of Fuyao – Chapter 6


Chapter 6 – The Dream Spirit Pearl


In the afternoon, Murong Fuyao took a good nap. After she woke up, she saw Nangong Lie sitting at her bedside.

What is wrong with you Nangong Lie?! Did he want to scare her to death by appearing in front of her without warning?

“Yao’er, you’re awake.” He stroked her hair while staring at her with gentle eyes.

It made her subconsciously want to move away from him. That guy must want to do some snu-snu with her in broad daylight.

She coughed to attract his attention. “Did you come to find me for anything?”

Nangong Lie frowned slightly. Before, when his Yao’er saw him, she would be incomparably happy. However now, she asked him bluntly what he came here for.

“Yao’er, how is your relationship with Nangong Huo recently?”

Murong Fuyao played with her fingernail before stating, “Not bad.”

Nangong Lie pursed up his lips and asked, “You said you have amnesia. Did you really forget everything?”

She nodded.

He sighed faintly. “What a bad luck.”

She disapproved. “What back luck? If I don’t remember, you can just tell me.”

It just happened she was curious about the relationship between Nangong Lie and the previous Murong Fuyao. After hearing it, her calm expression turned into one of shock and scare.

Finally, she learned she became an orphan two years after her parents perished in a conflagration which burned their compound to the ground. She was the only descendant left of General Murong.

After the tragedy, Nangong Huo married her.

In reality, she was in love with Nangong Lie since young. When she received the imperial decree to marry Nangong Huo, she wanted to refuse, but Nangong Lie told her, “Yao’er, I heard the news that the Dream Spirit pearl is inside the Sixth Prince’s estate. You are going to marry him, so can get it for me? If I obtain the Dream Spirit pearl, this world will fall in my hand. After I become the Emperor, I will take you back and marry you as my Empress.”

She agreed to his request and marry into the Sixth Prince’s household, becoming the Sixth Princess.

During the past two years, she was always paying attention and searching everywhere but to no avail. She still hadn’t found any clue on the Dream Spirit pearl’s whereabouts. That was until a few days ago, Nangong Huo left for the frontiers. It was the perfect moment for her to act, ready to harvest the fruit of her persistent search.

It was on that day the modern Murong Fuyao took over the body.

The ins and outs of that day were still a mystery to the current Murong Fuyao. However, the original Murong Fuyao was out in the wild and got attacked by a beast which injured her. However, the injury wasn’t a lethal one.

Why she was able to take over, Murong Fuyao had no idea. It wasn’t important. The funny part was she didn’t expect she still had to do undercover mission even in the ancient times. Somehow, she couldn’t escape from the fate of being a special agent.

Finally, she tried to sum up the information given to her by Nangong Lie. “So, your presence here today meant you want me to do something?”

Nangong Lie felt somewhat lost and a bit disappointed by Murong Fuyao’s current attitude. If it was before, she would be very happy and enthusiasm toward him.

“Tonight, there is a family banquet in the imperial palace. Pretend to be sick and stay at home. When Nangong Huo leaves, I want you to continue your search for that pearl. Look for any underground tunnel, hidden doors, anything that could lead to the hidden place of the Dream Spirit pearl.”

Murong Fuyao accepted the mission. She accidentally let out the aura of a veteran special agent. In a practiced tone, she obeyed. “Understood.”

Nangong Lie looked at the woman in front of him, stunned by the unfamiliarity. He couldn’t help but frown. “Yao’er, do you have something you want to tell me?”

“I do.” She pondered a bit before uttering, “What is the Dream Spirit pearl?”


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