Dream of Fuyao – Chapter 4


Chapter 4 – Princess, Please Accept Them


Who was Nangong Lie? Murong Fuyao got her answer the next morning from Lian Qiao. The man was the current third prince.

It made her wonder what was the original Murong Fuyao’s relationship with Nangong Lie. Did they have an affair? If it was the case, she was in for a big mess. But then, why did he say he was her brother?

When night fell, she crossdressed into an elegant young man and was waiting for the right moment to climb over the wall and get out of the compound. As a now ex-special agent, she knew how to make the most out of this body. Therefore, she didn’t break a sweat getting on top of the wall. She was ready to jump down, but she lost her footing due to something and freefall to the ground.

She braced herself for the painful landing, but the pain never came. Instead, she found herself in a man’s arms when she opened her eyes. However, it wasn’t any man’s arms, it was her husband’s arms – Nangong Huo.

“Princess, where do you think you are going?”

His nice voice rang in her ears. That man was a carbon-copy of her boss, even his voice was identical. It made her doubt if they weren’t the same person.

“I-I want to pluck the flower on the tree. I was a bit careless and fell…” Fortunately, she fell back into her courtyard. If she fell to the other side, it might be hard to explain why she was outside of the estate.

Nangong Huo helped up stand up, then he lept on the tree and plucked several flowers. He showed them to Murong Fuyao after descending.

“Princess, please accept them.”

She took the flowers and smiled awkwardly. “Thank you, milord…”

He observed her outfit and his eyebrows rose up.

“If you want to go out, go through the main entrance.” He spat out in a faint voice before leaving in big strides.

What do you mean? She was free to go out? You should have said it early! If she knew, she wouldn’t try to climb over the wall.

Therefore, she strutted to the main entrance. She was about to leave when two guards stopped her.

“Your Ladyship, his Highness has instructed that without his permission, you cannot leave the estate.”

She didn’t argue back.

What is going on? Didn’t Nangong Huo tell she could leave through the main entrance? It appeared he was just playing with her. Her cheeks bulged in anger. That man! She huffed and returned to her room. As soon as she entered, she started to swear like a sailor.

“Are you done swearing, my beloved consort?”

She jumped back in fright by the unexpected voice. She patted her chest and looked culprit sitting on the bed.

She gulped. “M-milord, why are you here?”

His face remained stoic as he answered, “To sleep.”

She reminded him kindly, “Milord seems to have gone into the wrong room.”

He raised an eyebrow. “I own this place, so all the rooms are mine.”

She was rendered speechless. What he said wasn’t wrong, but looking at the current situation, was he planning to sleep with her?

She let out a nervous laugh. “Then, this one will go sleep in another room.”

“Stay there.”

His imposing and oppressing voice scared her. She froze on the spot.

Then, she turned around and blinked at him with her big and innocent eyes. “Is there anything, milord?”

He watched her. “It’s late. Don’t tell me you don’t plan to serve me?”

She didn’t how to respond. What do you mean by that?!

Did he want to sleep with her? Her eyes suddenly glinted with a hint of excitement. She was so old but had yet experienced that kind of passion. This was a pie dropping from the sky. There was no way for her to refuse. In addition, the other party was the handsome Sixth Prince. She wouldn’t lose anything trying with him.


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  1. Kitsune says:

    Thank you translator, your work is very easy to read. I really enjoy reading this translated novel. Thank you.


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