Dream of Fuyao – Chapter 3


Chapter 3 – A Night with Who?


Liu Li naturally didn’t dare to comment negatively about the nobles and royalties but with Murong Fuyao effective brainwash, her tongue became loose.

Although Murong Fuyao didn’t know how the original body owner got along with Nangong Huo, it didn’t matter much with her pretended amnesia. Even if she was to say strange things, everything could be attributed to her messy memories.

After eating supper, her maid, Liang Qiao, led her to the bathroom, preparing to serve her mistress.

However, she was refused because Murong Fuyao wasn’t used to be helped for a simple bath.

After immersing herself in the bathtub, Murong Fuyao felt relieved.

Ancient times were actually not too bad. At least, she was a prince’s consort. No need to worry about food and wear. The only downside was the lack of freedom.

By the way, what was her status? Was she an insignificant consort without power who people could order left to right?

Anyway, there was another pressing problem – who was she going to sleep with tonight?

From what Liu Li told her, Nangong Huo was abstinent, keeping himself away from debauchery. Not only that, his courtyard was devoid of concubines. She was his princess and the only woman in his harem for the past two years.

Two years but still childless. Everyone speculated Prince Huo and his princess slept separately.

After her bath, Murong Fuyao hypnotized Lian Qiao and pulled out more information. She confirmed they have been sleeping separately for the past two years.

A great news! This meant the night she had some freedom. She could use that opportunity to go out and have fun. Unfortunately, the weather tonight was bad. She could only report her plan for another day.

She laid down on her bed and made herself comfortable, preparing for a good night of sleep. However, an uninvited guest barged into her room at that moment.

Dressed in a set of black clothes, the suspicious man pulled down the black cloth covering his face. There was anxiety in his voice as he asked, “Yao’er, where did you go? You scared me to death. I thought something bad happened to you. The past few days I came here to check on you, only to find your room empty…”

Murong Fuyao sighed in relief. She thought he was a bad guy, but it turned out he was someone close to the previous Murong Fuyao.

But who is that man? From his appearance, he should not be the previous Fuyao’s lover, right?

If it was true, it was an understandable situation; Your husband slept in another room every day. How can a woman endure such loneliness? The only option was to give the husband a green hat and climbed over the wall to find someone else.

Murong Fuyao whispered back, “Hello. I was injured a few days ago and was recuperating on Xuanji Mountain. I have just returned today.”

“Where did you get injured?” The black-clothed man asked anxiously.

She answered flatly, “I’m fine. It’s just a small injury. It has already healed.”

The man nodded. “That’s good then. Forget about the mission for now. You have to lay low. The situation has changed, so wait for my news…”

Wait, what? She became confused by the sudden new information.

She swallowed her saliva and asked, “Umm… I’m sorry to interrupt you, but due to my injury, I lost my memories. So…”

“What?!” The man stared at her with an unbelievable look. “Do you remember who I am?”

She shook her head. “No.”

The man scowled. “I am Nangong Lie, your Brother Lie.”

She nodded weakly. “Then, what is my mission?”

“Yao’er, let’s talk about it next time. I can’t easily disclosed it here. I’ll go find you when I have the time.” Nangong Lie jumped out of the window after that.

Murong Fuyao pouted. Why are you in such a hurry to leave? No one is coming tonight anyway.

She was very curious about that mission Nangong Lie mentioned. Her intuition told her this mission was related to Nangong Huo.


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