AR: CDM Chapter 29


Chapter 29 – Don’t Need to Rest


The Chauffeur was a bit indignant. Who could be this despicable taking Mister’s family heirloom? The item was carefully guarded, but who knew it was covert by others.

If he finds out who did it, he wouldn’t spare that person!


Then night passed, ushering humanity into their first day into the apocalypse. As if the Earth had no change, the sun still rose as usual. The sunlight shone and reflected on the car windows. Sitting inside the car, Bai Ling didn’t seem hard-pressed by her current situation. Her thoughts were preoccupied. She was more concerned about her grandmother and uncle instead.

Luckily for them, the apocalypse started at the end of the evening. Therefore, the highway was almost deserted with not many cars blocking their way and no crowd of zombies yet. They could still catch sight occasionally of a few of them gnawing at some limbs. It was a good thing Bai Ling chose a car that had a high chassis, so she could unscrupulously run over zombies without them getting stuck underneath.

Other than zombies, they could also see survivors escaping amongst the whirlpool of carnage and screams. However, their escape only lasted until the zombies found them again.

Save them? Bai Ling won’t do it. Saving them this time won’t save them the next time. She had no obligation to be their savior for the rest of their life.

She glanced at the navigation system. She squinted her eyes and immediately decided to stop at the nearest gas station.

As the sun shone directly on him, Bai Xiaoxi was roused from his sleep. He shot up all tense and knocked his head loudly on the car roof. Ouch! He let out a painful yelp and immediately after let out, “Bis Sis!”

When he saw the cool woman driving next to him, all tension left his body. Then, he noticed the windbreaker on him. The corner of his mouth tugged into a warm smile. He rubbed his eyes, wiping away the tears that had flown out again.

In daylight, his immature face shone as a brilliant smile spread out. He had a tender and round face like that of a cute idol face. “Great! Hehehe! This isn’t a dream!”

He had feared she would leave him again when he was asleep, but she didn’t. She even covered him with a windbreaker. Truly a person with a hard mouth but softhearted inside! Then, he thought about something and asked her, “Big Sis, you have driven all night, shouldn’t you rest?”

“No need!” She replied coldly. She looked at his sunny face that had no gloom, and at that moment, she hoped he could always remain like this.

Bai Ling didn’t have many requirements toward other, except undying loyalty. Anyone who treated her right, she would reciprocate.

As they approached their destination, they could see many cars parked in front of it.

From the look of it, this gas station has become the gathering place for the survivors who were on the highway when the apocalypse began. This meant that there weren’t many zombies around here yet. Only a night had passed, there were many incidents on their way here with vehicles slowing down the progression of the zombies. However, human flesh was the ultimate temptation for any zombies. A nearby zombie could sniff out a human easily.

“Ready?” It was impossible for Bai Ling to drive the car further as there were too many cars parked. So, they had no choice but to get off.

Her sudden words left Bai Xiaoxi a bit lost. He turned to her then looked at the gas station. “This… This place is packed with car and people… No… Then, there must be many of those monsters. We don’t know if there are actually any living person there. It will be too dangerous to get off the car.”

He felt his scalp tingling numbly as he thought of being pounced on by 30 or 40 zombies.


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