AR: CDM Chapter 30


Chapter 30 – The Powerful Woman


Bai Ling no longer spoke as she got out of the car. They still have to move on anyway. Instead of wasting time, it was better to act and get rid of as many zombies as possible.

“Sis… Big Sis… I…” He gritted his teeth. He had already killed a few zombies yesterday. He tried to comfort himself. If he could easily kill them yesterday, it shouldn’t be much different today. When Bai Ling got out of the car, he followed suit without hesitation.

As soon as he got off, he was greeted by five, six zombies with a half-eaten face.

He swung his copper-colored sword.

Swish! Splurt!

The sword cut into a small zombie’s mouth. He added some strength on his swing. The sword went through its head. The head was sectioned neatly into two half, and the top fell onto the ground where it splattered gore.

Unlike during the night, daytime offered a much clearer vision of his kills. The disgusting sight of blood and brain matters almost made Bai Xiaoxi vomited.

Bai Ling glanced at him. She sighed inwardly but didn’t comfort him. On the contrary, she hastened her pace.

When he noticed Bai Ling had gone far away, he reeled in his nausea and chased after her.

He slashed his sword in front of him regardless of the obstacles. There was no skill or technique in his swing. He was like a caveman randomly waving his weapon. It was a good thing he got a hold on a great weapon and the zombies were still slow. Otherwise, he would have been zombie food in no time.

Bai Ling waited for him while observing his combat skills. When zombies came too close, she would decapitate one and slash another with fluid and accurate movements.

“Papa! Quickly look! There is a big sister outside!”

Right outside of the gas station’s convenience store, there were many zombies besieging the entrance, hitting on the glass windows without any success of breaking. More than a dozen survivors were able to gather inside.

Amongst them, there was a man in his thirties holding a six or seven-year-old child. Most of the survivors were huddling behind the counter in fear. Despite the counter being in the innermost of the store, they could still see with clarity the monsters feeding themselves on human flesh, and then, witnessed the dead rose up to join the rank of zombies.

The suddenness of the child’s words attracted their attention. They all looked in the same direction.

“GRAWRR!” When the zombies smelt the fragrance of fresh meat nearby, they became agitated and rushed toward the source without hesitation.

“She’s done! They will kill her!” Someone exclaimed.

They looked at the zombies rushing madly at a young woman five or six meters away from the store. She was wearing checked pattern clothes covered in blood. Her small face was dirty and also stained with blood, making her features unclear. They couldn’t ascertain her age but guess she was in her mid-twenties.

Faced with so many monsters, she didn’t appear frightened. She hacked and slashed like a machine devoid of humanity, causing the onlookers to be terrified.

They couldn’t see her moves, but under the sunlight, the glint of her sword bloomed like an iron flower. After a few slashes, she stopped. They stared at the scene in shock. How did those monsters’ head fell to the ground?

“W-what a powerful woman!” She killed those man-eating monsters like cutting grass.

Her prowess stirred hope in them. Could she be sent by the Government to save them?

“Big Sis! Wait for me!” Bai Xiaoxi only fell behind 10 seconds and was once again surrounded by zombies. By the time he was done, Bai Ling had already reached the convenience store. He speeded up and ignored the zombies chasing behind him.


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