AR: CDM Chapter 28



Chapter 28 – Mister, Some of Our Things Are Missing.


Although he was still shaking from escaping through the jaw of death, he felt warm inside. After a while, he fell asleep unwittingly. His face was still dirty from the tears and blood. It could be seen how the events today have drained him.

Bai Ling turned her head a bit to look at him. She fetched a windbreaker she had found when ransacking the mobile store and covered the boy with it. A chuckle surprised her.

She glanced at the mobile phone and saw her little sister smiling sweetly at her. She resumed back to her resolute expression and watched in front of her. “If he failed to reach my demands, I would leave him behind without another thought.”

However, from the moment she saved him, her heart had regarded that boy as her little brother and a comrade.

“Ok! That’s the big sis I know!” Bai Shan beamed a gentle smile.

“Shanshan, go to sleep, but don’t disconnect.” Now that most of the things were settled, she realized how exhausted Bai Shan was. Her little sister needed to rest in order to take care of Little Meatball.

Bai Shan agreed with Bai Ling. After experiencing such a night, she felt a sudden wave of tiredness hit her when all tension was gone. How strange. She basically did nothing, but when she looked at her big sister watching over them as they slumbered and protecting like a shield, the howlings outside were no longer terrifying her.


Soon after Bai Ling left the auction house, three black cars arrived from the small street Bai Ling took to leave the area.

If she was still there, she would certainly recognize the person sitting inside one of the cars – the man whose car she almost collided into earlier.

At that moment, the smoked car window slid down slowly. A zombie chasing after the car roared and it tried to pounce through the opening. Contrasting against its disgusting face, an angel-like face, warm and beautiful, was opposite of it. The man didn’t recoil back in the least. He even looked at the sinister creature covered in bloody veins. No expression could be seen on his face, but his eyes were incomparably bright and clear.

Bang! The next second, the zombie’s head blew up, and its body slowly slid to the ground.

Six men in black came out from the other two cars with guns in hands. They had just cleared all the undead in the surroundings.

The gentle-like man swept the surrounding with a glance. His gaze went past the flickering lamp streets and landed on an inconspicuous shop front. He said in a gentle voice, “Let’s go! First come, first serves. Bring all the things left inside!”

“Mister, it was quite difficult for the old master to find those things, not to mention preserving them.” No one should have known about that collection.

“The zombies inside are all eliminated, and there are traces of a towing vehicle!” There were mangled and bloody corpses littered inside and at the entrance. The obvious mark of tires from Bai Ling’s drift showed what kind of vehicle was used and the driver’s skills. How interesting!

“It appeared someone came a step earlier than us and looted the place.” There were firearms inside. As a modern person, in time of crisis, the first reaction people might have was to find a weapon, and firearms were the favored weapons.

The man showed a gentle smile which made his face more beautiful. However, there was no gentleness in the depth of his eyes. He had a hunched that the thing he was here for was no longer there.

“Impossible!” The middle-aged chauffeur spoke in disbelief.

At that moment, two men came out of the auction house. What they took out were unexpectedly firearms, but what they wanted wasn’t there. The chauffeur glanced at the beautiful man behind him.

“Let’s go!” However, the man didn’t explain his conjectures.

The chauffeur was used to it. He didn’t ask further. His employer’s mind would forever elude him.


5 comments on “AR: CDM Chapter 28

  1. TomboyGirlPlayer says:

    LMAO. I betcha the man would find Bai Ling that took his sword and be like “…That shall be my dowry to you.”
    BL: “…??? What are you talking about?”
    Man: “…That sword is mine…”
    BL: “…Sorry bro, but in this kind of world, there is no such thing as ownership. If you want it back, steal it from me.”
    Man: “…”
    Sword: “No! Master Bai is my owner! I will never leave her! Hmph! *Stays close to BL*”
    BL: “See? Now, go away.”
    Man: “Since I can’t have my sword, then I shall have you!”
    Man: “I told you, that’s my dowry, so you’re my wife now…”
    BL: “I AM NOT MARRYING A PERVERT. I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU! NOW F*** OFF! *Runs away with sister and brother*”
    Lil Bro and Sis: “Big Sis, don’t marry him, ah! You belong to us!”

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  2. Thanks for the chappie

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