AR: CDM Chapter 27



Chapter 27 – Tears of Joy



Distracted by the panic and fear, Bai Xiaoxi didn’t notice a zombie had crept near him. As he moved forward, he got tripped. The shock dulled his response, and let himself fall on the ground loudly.

Five hours have passed since the first large outbreak of GD virus. Although not much time has passed, humans were no fool. With such earthshaking events and so many deads, who would have the mind to act like a hero? Therefore, even if any nearby survivors heard screams of help or terror, no one will have the courage to get out of their house and save that person. They would wall themselves behind their door while trembling in fear, hoping that the police or anyone would save them instead.

Before Bai Ling drove through that residential street, the silence of the night reigned, punctuated by intermittent sounds of chewing or undead walking. At times, the silence would be pierced by the howling of a beast.

Therefore, Bai Ling had clearly heard something falling behind. She checked her rearview mirror and saw the boy had fallen and didn’t make any movement to get up. He was surrounded by excited zombies, but he stayed immobile. His sight was fixed on her car. Tears could be seen gleaming on his cheeks. His bright eyes gradually lose the vitality they had earlier, turning into dead-fish eyes.

Bai Ling was shocked. Those eyes suddenly overlapped with Bai Shan’s eyes when she died in Bai Ling’s previous life.

“What an idiot!” she spat through her gritted teeth.

She was testing him because she knew that hope lurked within despair. During the apocalypse, humans could awake their abilities through extreme situations. Despair was one of those pre-requisite to help stimulate the meta-humans’ awakening.

Using the speed of her car, she changed gear. The car drifted and did a U-turn. She loaded a gun and shot. The bullet passed through the silencer and hit a zombie that was about to chop on Bai Xiaoxi.

There was barely any sound when hitting her target because the zombies were still flesh and bones.

Ptui! Ptui! Ptui!

All her shot hit bullseyes, sparing no zombie which threatened the boy’s life.

Fortunately, she knew how to use that gun. Unfortunately, the ruckus had attracted too many zombies, and their number outstripped by far the number of bullets in her magazine.

In the end, she had no choice but to shout out, “Bai Xiaoxi, if you want to follow me, you have to prove your worth!”

This voice…?

When he heard her voice, all his exhaustion and despair vanished mysteriously. In a split of a second, he bounced back on his feet. Then, he pounced at the bloody undead in front of him.

He didn’t wipe his tears. He was busy hacking with his sword, determined to prove his worth.

Humans need a strong motivator to will themselves. He had found his will to survive and his fear had turned into courage.

Bai Ling narrowed her eyes as she observed Bai Xiaoxi. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. This child has great potential. Didn’t he realize his speed has increased by fold?

She was no longer worry and drove the car to the side. “Come here. Get on the car!”

When he heard her words, he felt as if he earns his way to heaven. She wants to bring me with her!

He cried. The tears poured out again, mixing with the blood splashed from his kill and smearing the dirt into a messier mess. However, it couldn’t hide the joyful smile he had. He slashed another zombie then dashed toward Bai Ling’s car.

As he reached the car, the door of the front passenger seat opened.

He hurried inside and loudly closed the door after him. The car accelerated and quickly left.

At present, the newly mutated zombies couldn’t catch up with the car. However, they brainlessly chased after it before scattering when their hunger distracted them from their chase.

After he got inside the car, he kept looking at Bai Ling while giggling and sweetly calling her, “Big Sister… Big Sis… Sis…”

Bai Ling stayed silent. Whereas, Bai Shan was laughing to the point of tears. In fact, she was literally crying from emotions.

Bai Ling couldn’t help feeling distressed for her.

Full of energy, Bai Xiaoxi kept yapping and laughing. When he called Bai Shan Second Sis, Bai Shan responded to him warmly. His laugh suddenly turned into tears, but those tears were tears of joy.


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