AR: CDM Chapter 26



Chapter 26 – Please, Don’t Leave Me Behind!


At that moment, Bai Ling was impatient to reunite with her family, so how could she find the patience to take care of Bai Xiaoxi if he turned out to be a burden to her? She had no time to waste on useless people!

“He will certainly not be a burden to you!” Bai Shan spoke with confidence.

Bai Ling noticed Bai Shan’s confidence. Her attitude unwittingly softened. She believed that for Bai Shan, Bai Xiaoxi was still a kid.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaoxi was chasing after Bai Ling’s car. His heart sank when he saw the car turning into a small street. Suddenly, the world became silent. The lamp street flickered, and the shadows of the undead could be seen, dragging their ragged bodies along the streets. Suddenly, it felt as if he was the only human left in this world of monsters. The realization made the surrounding darkness appeared more oppressing as if a gigantic jaw was opened, ready to swallow him and this world. The fear that had receded once against assault his mind. Tears trickled down his face. Yet, he still dashed in the direction where Bai Ling’s car had disappeared. He ran and ran, madly racing while yelling, “Big Sis, don’t leave me behind! Don’t abandon me!”

He saw her car, but the vehicle continued to mercilessly drive away along with his last hope.

The car reached another street corner. In seven more days, those slow-wit and weak zombies would mutate into primary stage zombies. At that time, their strength and speed would be promoted and their body more durable.

For example, if the big zombies at the auction house evolved, their strength and speed would be greater than when they were humans, even possibly doubling.

The situation would turn even more dreadful.

However, Bai Ling had encountered numerous 3rd and 4th level zombies in her previous life. In addition, in this life, she had in her possession a formidable weapon. With her experience and a strong weapon, she won’t break a sweat taking care of low-level zombies.

Another thing, except for the zombies, even humans would mutate and evolved. Gradually, there would be people who would awake to a new found power, becoming meta-humans.

In her first life, she heard that even on the first day of the pandemic outbreak some people had already awoken to their abilities.

“Big Sis, don’t leave me behind! Don’t abandon me! Please! Bring me with you. Big Sis…”

Her thoughts were pulled back by a shout in a distant. The voice was hoarse from shouting. Bai Ling looked at her rearview mirror and saw that a figure measuring around one meter sixty, not too fat nor too thin, chasing after her car. She didn’t reduce her speed since earlier. How did he catch up with the car?

At last, Bai Ling revealed a smile at the unexpected discovery.

Bai Shan was touched by her sister sudden change of mood. She didn’t why Bai Ling was smiling, but she was relieved because it only meant her previous decision had overturned. She almost cried out of joy.

Although Bai Shan was very soft-heartened, her life had brought her to mix with the society at a much younger age. Therefore, she had learned to understand people’s mind quickly. Therefore, she was much more sensitive to the changes in her big sister’s mood. She knew that Bai Xiaoxi would be saved. She was happy because she was fond of that boy, and he did call her Second Sister.

There were many newly mutated corpses in the area, and the ruckus had attracted their attention. They all let go of their current feast and tried to attack the running Bai Xiaoxi. Their attempts missed, so they followed behind Bai Xiaoxi, joining a train of undead mobs. Bai Xiaoxi didn’t seem to notice the danger behind him as his sight was fixed on Bai Ling’s car.

Who knew what Bai Ling was thinking, but without a warning, she abruptly stepped on the accelerator.

When he realized the car sped up, leaving him far behind, he shouted even harder. “No, no, no! Big Sis…” His voice trembled, almost breaking into a sob.

Then, he noticed the street filled with bloody and gory zombies. They were filling their stomach with human flesh. His courage, which existed only due to Bai Ling’s presence, deflated. It was a dark night. He was abandoned. Alone – left to be stranded in this strange world, surrounded by nothing but monsters. Wrong! Terror and despair were his companions.


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  1. TomboyGirlPlayer says:

    Run, little boy, run! I wonder if big sis is planning on swerving around and slamming straight into the zombies, lmaooo…


  2. Thanks for the chapter 😊
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  3. YuiYui says:

    Ah… she’s so mean to him… despite her past… he’s still an innocent boy… *sighs*


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