AR: CDM Chapter 25



Chapter 25 – Sis, He Isn’t a Bad Person


Bai Xiaoxi looked around, but there was no shadow of Bai Ling. The lingering fear in him boiled up as the metallic smell of blood assailed his nose. Then, he caught sight of her moving further. She was calm and unperturbed in front of the gore as usual. It gave him a burst of courage to go on.

He grabbed the sword in his hand tighter and swung it. “Eat your father’s copper coin sword!”

The sword had a copper-colored design on it, hence Bai Xiaoxi called it copper coin sword.

However, it was the first time Bai Xiao tried to attack a zombie and a newly mutated one. His first was real, so he unleashed everything he had, forgetting how sharp the blade was. The result was the unforgettable scene of the zombie girl being sliced into half.

Bai Xiaoxi was dumbfounded. It was the first time he felt those monsters only have a scary appearance. Their combat force was barely anything to fear. He looked at the sword in his hand, and a confident smile suddenly bloomed on his face. He then shifted his gaze to a hunchback zombie swaying toward him. This time, he didn’t wait to be pounced on. Instead, he rushed toward it with sword raised.

On the other side, Bai Ling was done organizing the newly acquired weapons on the backseat of her car. She had used a leather strap to secure everything. When she lifted her head, she saw how excited Bai Xiaoxi was fighting off zombies. Her mouth curled into a slight smile.

Regardless of how well he fended off the zombies, her words weren’t empty. She had yet considered him as part of her group, so it was out of questions bringing him with her. She opened the door to the driver seat and went in the car. She started him and stepped on the gas without a look behind, leaving this damn place quickly.

When he heard the car engines, the excitement he had quickly disappeared. He turned and chased after the car while shouting, “Big Sister!”

Unfortunately, the car had turned a corner, leaving him behind.

Inside the car, the cellphone was put on a holder and the screen was facing Bai Ling. Bai Shan bite her lips while staring at her expressionless sister. She couldn’t understand why her sister was acting like that. She was truly worried about the young teenager.

“Sis, he isn’t a bad boy, and he is so young. What will happen to him if we leave him behind like this?” Perhaps because she was a mother herself, Bai Shan couldn’t bear abandoning Bai Xiaoxi.

“Shanshan, I know what you want to say. However, I must test him and be certain he has the ability to follow me!” Bai Ling didn’t leave Bai Shan room for further argument.


Seeing the lost expression in Bai Shan’s lively eyes, Bai Ling had no choice but explain herself more. “It is already difficult by myself, and the world has changed. Power is now the speaking right. If he had the ability, he might only follow me to stay alive for now. One day, when he is stronger, no one could tell if he might betray us. In addition, dragging another person on this journey meant a higher supplies consumption. If he can awake his power, he might be a helping hand, but otherwise, he is nothing but a useless burden.”

Bai Shan widened her eyes in surprise. She felt her heart palpitated. As she stared at her sister’s grim face, she appeared as if she was looking at her sister for the first time. Each of Bai Ling’s words was a dart hurting her heart.

Right! The world has changed. Who knows how many humans are left alive. Perhaps, at this moment, their number kept dwindling from the zombies besieging them, joining rank with the monsters. If there was no strength or power, a human could be eaten without any trace left. Bai Shan couldn’t help marveling at how calm her Bai Ling was.

She had no idea that Bai Ling had experienced numerous years surviving in the apocalypse. Therefore, she firmly believed any useless person must be discarded.

Her life in the apocalypse was a desolate one void of any friendship and emotions. It couldn’t be blamed all on Bai Ling, her last life have distorted her views too much.

However, at present, the apocalypse had barely begun and such mentality was too diverging from the norms. She couldn’t be too unfeeling or she might push away those close to her, so she had to compromise. If he wanted to be part of her group, he had to be strong, very strong, so strong that Bai Ling would be reluctant to let him go, otherwise, only abandonment was his fate.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!😊


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    A nice, warm, fuzzy chapter right after a hot pot… Ah, that hits the spot!~

    Many thanks for translating!~


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