AR: CDM Chapter 20



Chapter 20 – The Mysterious Evil Sword (1)


Bai Ling turned her head and saw Bai Xiaoxi approaching. She looked at the sword in her hands and frowned again. She stretched her hand, presenting the sword horizontally in front of him.

Bai Xiaoxi extended his arm to receive it, but as soon as the sword fell into his hand and he grabbed onto the hilt, he immediately let out a surprised shout. “How weird! How can it be so light?”

The strange situation also piqued Bai Shan’s curiosity. When Bai Xiaoxi noticed her expression, he explained to her what happened.

Bai Ling finally understood how much of a chatterbox he was. She also noticed that Bai Shan had long forgotten about the zombies and seemed excited about others things. A faint smile spread on Bai Ling’s face.

Next, she walked up to another sword. It was a katana this time. Its whole body was black, embellished by beautiful carving. It was placed on a support, giving off a solemn and sacred aura. Bai Ling picked it up and unsheathed it. A dazzling light came out, a reflection of the light on the incomparably sharp blade.

It was at least 80 cm long. The whole body was glossy with a width of 4 cm. The blade was thin. The back of the blade was nicely curved. The handle was quite long.

Bai Ling swung it a few times. Since the walls were made of concrete, she slashed at a nearby table instead.


A piece of the table was smoothly shaved from it. She noticed that the inside of the table was made of reinforced steel bars.

The most important point was she barely made any effort to cut through steel.

“Oh damn! So powerful!” Bai Xiaoxi was stunned by the sharpness of the katana. He excitement used the broadsword in his hand to slash the same table. Surprisingly, he was also able to cut it through like butter. It was obvious that compared to Bai Ling, his strength was lacking.

Bai Ling suddenly had a conjecture. Be it sword or knife, all the weapons here are meant to take life. Perhaps, those things might not be for the auction. It’s highly possible those weapons are part of someone’s private collection.

Finally, she arrived at the last sword which was placed in a corner, submerged in an aquarium. This sword must be the most powerful one following the current trend of the display.

“Second Sister, this seemed like nothing, but this is a real treasure trove!”

“Right! How could there be so many great swords and knives?” Bai Shan could not refrain from being surprised and amazed because none of the blades she saw had any warped or rust. They were all well taken care of.

Bai Ling continued toward the submerged sword. As she approached it, she discovered the blade wasn’t in the water. In fact, there was a wall of water in front of it and the inside of the case was filled with grass with water at the bottom. Within the grass, there were numerous skulls of all sizes making up the bottom. As the plants swayed from the water current, she could faintly see the tip of the sword was inserted into a skull. From time to time, it emitted a dimmed cold light.

“What the fuck is that?” Bai Xiaoxi put back the sword he held earlier and approached the weird sword. Bai Shan was also curious about what her sister was doing. It was obviously the first time Bai Ling came here, but she seemed as if she knew all the things in here. Although Bai Shan was curious, she got terrified when she saw the gory display for the sword.

Bai Ling raised the katana above her and slashed the water wall.


The water wall parted and the glass behind shattered. Suddenly liberated, the water, the plants and the human skulls spilled out of the display.

Bai Ling quickly retreated back. Meanwhile, Bai Xiaoxi had already run away from the mess Bai Ling created.

Bai Shan was astonished. In the dark of her house, her face was illuminated by the cellphone screen.

After the water has drained, they looked back at the display with stupefaction.

The sword was still inside, stuck firmly in the middle of a human skull. It had not budged a single centimeter. Without all the water plants and the water wall, the true shape of the sword was revealed.

The sight sent chills to the bones. They were not near, but a coldness could be felt emitting from the weapon. The length of the sword totaled 80 centimeters. It had a width of 5 centimeters. It was devoid of any carving or decoration. The whole body was sleek and glossy. With a blade as thin as cicada’s wings. The handle was oddly long, allowing it to be held with two hands. It appeared slightly similar to the katana Bai Ling was currently holding.


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  1. Hyena says:

    That seems like a pretty awesome sword—and a nice display case. I want one. Where can I buy one? (Don’t worry, decorations only lol.)

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