AR: CDM Chapter 21



Chapter 21 – The Mysterious Evil Sword (2)


“This thing… is kinda… creepy.” It was quite normal for the young Bai Xiaoxi to feel that way. After all, there has never been a sword that would be put in water where so many human skulls floated around. It was a scary sight no doubt.

Bai Shan frowned. She was about to say something when she noticed Bai Ling was already in front of the broken display and had stretched her hand in, bypassing the broken glass.

“Big Sis!” She let out a shout.

Bai Ling directed to her a reassuring smile as her hand grabbed the sword hilt. The texture was somewhat soft and dry. She was about to pull it out, but to her surprise, the sword that appeared similar to the katana was many times heavier.

She dropped the katana. Then, she grabbed the sword with both hands and used all her strength to pull on it.

Skriiick! Skriick! A clear sound was heard as she gradually pulled it out. As her energy reached its end, the sword was successfully extracted from the skull. Exhausted, she let the sword dropped to the floor. When the sword fell down, half of the blade buried into the floor made of cement and topped by marble tiles. This shows not only how sharp it was but also how much it was heavy.

Bai Ling took a breather. After she has recovered a bit, she squatted down to examined the mysterious sword. As expected, she could see words engraved at the junction where the blade and handle were joint. However, she didn’t understand what those words meant.

Attracted to the sharpness of the blade, Bai Ling couldn’t help but want to touch it. She had the urge to test how sharp it was. As she was about to touch it, her finger felt a sharp pain and blood suddenly flowed out. How the heck did I get cut? Truly sharp!

Bai Ling quickly got up. In her hurry, a drop of blood fell on the sword. However, she didn’t care about it as she busied herself stopping the blood. Fortunately, her hand wasn’t stained with zombies’ blood or she might get accidentally infected. She wasn’t a metahuman yet, so she hadn’t developed an immunity to the GD virus. Getting infected this way was no joke.

Her brows slightly knitted together. A flicker passed through her eyes as she stared at the sword, which had a blade as thin as cicada’s wings, yet was heavy like a thousand pounds of gold. It was as Bai Xiaoxi said – very creepy.

Bai Xiaoxi gawked when he saw Bai Ling getting injured. He rushed forward and shouted in worry. “Big Sister, are you alright?”

He asked in an exaggerated manner.

Bai Ling didn’t respond. She decided to rest instead. She let out a sigh and shook her head to reassure the worried face on the cellphone screen. She was fine.

Bai Shan swallowed her saliva nervously. She was a bit relieved. She held her child tighter in her embrace. The world changed, and her big sister and her husband were not at her side. She was terrified… What if those things rush into her house? What should she do? No matter what, she couldn’t let anything happen to her son!

At that time, the chubby and tender little baby was asleep, completely oblivious to the world. From time to time, he would spit out a bubble of saliva. At the tender age of five months, Little Meatball didn’t appear very affected by the horrors of the apocalypse. Perhaps being held in his mother’s hug made him feel safe, or maybe hearing his aunt’s voice, as usual, lulled him into a deep sleep, who knows.

Back to the auction house, Bai Xiaoxi cast a few glances between the sinister sword partially embedded into the floor and Bai Ling’s injured fingers. He had witnessed how strenuous it was for her to pull out the sword. It gave rise to his curiosity. He walked to the sword and tried to lift it with one hand, but he underestimated the heaviness of it and almost fell backward from his careless move.

Although Bai Shan wasn’t clear of the heaviness, she appeared to have come to some conclusions. She frowned a bit. The sword’s appearance was misleading. In such a strange place, there was such a wondrous thing.

Bai Xiaoxi started a battle against the sword. He silently reorganized his thoughts and mentally prepared himself for the second round of sword pulling. He had lost interest in the broadsword from earlier. He grabbed the hilt with both hands and tried to pull it up like he would with white radishes. He even used his foot has a levy point, but no matter what he did, the sword stubbornly refused to budge.


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    LOLOL. Lil Bro, leave the heavy lifting to your big sis, alright? Don’t strain your back. You might break it. 😂

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