AR: CDM Chapter 19



Chapter 19 – A Private Collection Full of Weapons


Nine out of ten boys would have a penchant for anything related to the military and heroes, and Bai Xiaoxi wasn’t an exception. If it wasn’t the case, how could he have even thought about this place when Bai Ling mentioned getting weapons?

Bai Xiaoxi’s eyes sparkled when he saw the masterful way she manipulated the gun. He could tear his eyes away from the firearm in her hold. He went up to her to start a conversation, wanting to familiarize himself with her, but she had already put down the gun and moved on.

“Hey, Second Sister… Is your big sister a soldier?” He spoke in a low voice into the cellphone.

“No. I remember she only participated in the military training at the beginning of her university year. It was the first time she came in contact with the military.” Bai Shan remembered very clearly because, at that time, Bai Ling had earned a scholarship from the university and gave the money for their uncle to open a shop.

Unbeknown to their uncle, the construction of the shop was secretly funded by Bai Ling also. If he knew she used her money, he would have refused taking over that shop.

To sum it, for Bai Shan, her big sister was the pillar of their family. She remembered three years ago when their grandma’s health took a turn to the worse and fainted, they found that she had heart problems and needed a 100,000 dollars for the surgery. Without the surgery, her life couldn’t be guaranteed. When their grandma learned of it, she went on a hunger strike, refusing to be treated. She preferred killing herself instead of being a burden to her family.

Although their livelihood was good, the sudden expense of 100,000 dollars was beyond their means. They had borrowed a lot of money before when they were still very poor and were still repaying their debts. So how could they find anyone willing to lend them such a huge amount of money?

Bai Shan would always remember that day. Her sister was holding her crying grandma in silent. Then, her sister suddenly asked her to look after their grandmother. She told them not to worry about the money for the surgery before leaving. On the next day, she returned unexpectedly with enough money to operate their grandma.

She never told them where she found the money even if their grandma and uncle tried to pry into it. She always smiled faintly and said it was the advanced payment she got from her part-time job.

As long as there was a problem plaguing their family, be it big or small, any impasses would be addressed by her big sister.

Bai Ling watched Bai Shan and Bai Xiaoxi conversing through the phone. She frowned a bit, but she was relieved when she noticed through the video chat the calmness of her little sister. She let them be and continued to inspect the different firearms on display. She noticed there were all kinds of weapons, not just modern ones. There were many that could be considered cultural relics and hidden weapons. She examined a set of darts.

She picked one and carefully inspected it. It was a relatively long throwing dart with a sharp tip. She weighed it with her hand. It fit well in her palm. These darts could act as life-saving weapons and were easy to conceal on her body. She grabbed the set and hung them on her waist.

She proceeded further into the room and walked by other showcases of weapons. Then, she noticed a double-edged sword with a 10-centimeters width, two-centimeters thick and one-meter long. The entire sword seemed to be made out of copper, but for some reason, the blade appeared extremely sharp. The handle was wrapped with a black rope, and words could be seen on it. However, she couldn’t make sense of the inscription which was written in an ancient language.

She immediately took hold of it, but when she wanted to lift it, her eyes widened in surprise. She didn’t think that inconspicuous sword which appeared incredibly heavy was as light as a feather.

It must have been forged out of rare and finest materials.

Bai Xiaoxi had noticed Bai Ling’s expression. He put down a gun and said to Bai Shan. “Let’s go see what she found!”

He didn’t wait for Bai Shan to respond, treating her as he would with a close relative.


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