AR: CDM Chapter 18



Chapter 18 – The Auction House


After the room became quiet, Bai Ling proceeded deeper, exploring the large room. At some point, she turned and saw Bai Xiaoxi scowling at the phone. The screen showed Bai Shan’s beautiful smile as she looked at Bai Xiaoxi’s antics.

Bai Shan inwardly sighed. She followed along the wall, searching for the power switch. It took her a moment, but she finally found it.

She flipped the switch and suddenly, the light opened, illuminating the whole room. The first thing that entered her eyes were chairs, all covered in leather. It appeared this place was quite luxurious. Apart from that, there were nothing out of the ordinary. A bit further, there was an elevated platform. “An auction house?”

Even if Bai Ling didn’t have the resources to sell things to the auction houses, she once saw a place similar to this.

Due to the light and coupled with the familiar sight, Bai Xiaoxi, who was being comfort by Bai Shan, had calm down a lot. He was a teenager with great adaptability, hence he could readjust his mood quickly.

“Follow me. Last time I came, I already explored it out of curiosity.” Bai Xiaoxi revealed his childish side with his sparkling eyes, appearing like a treasure hunter on a quest. With enthusiasm, he ran ahead of Bai Ling but not too far away.

Bai Ling frowned when she saw his body covered in blood and caught the stench emanating from him. She had to admit, he earned a new level of respect from her. Looking at Bai Shan who was quietly laughing, Bai Ling’s irritation seemed to be alleviated.

She remembered in her previous life, she spent several days to digest the sudden changes of the world while observing the zombies from higher grounds. Only after many days of observation did she dare venture into the corridor and started killing those monsters. By that time, half a month had already passed. In fact, the real reasons that forced her to throw caution to the wind were the dwindling food supplies and worries for her family.

She reminded herself to warn her grandma and uncle about those matters, so they can adapt themselves quickly to the apocalypse, giving them a higher chance of survival.

As she continued further, Bai Lin reached a large room behind the platform which stored many expensive collectibles. She noticed a blade amongst the goods. It was a very peculiar weapon due to its sheer size, and its shape was similar to Guan Yu’s weapon.

Bai Ling frowned. She didn’t like using a large blade because it was too cumbersome and its usage lacked flexibility.

Bai Shan stared in shock at the goods through the camera. She had never seen such valuables up close.

Contrariwise, Bai Xiaoxi was carefree and very excited. He stroked a small jade vase and rotated it.

Suddenly, the sounds of a mechanical contraction were heard, and a new room below was revealed to them.

Bai Xiaoxi mysteriously said, “I stealthily went into this basement when guards left on break. Let me tell you, there are tons of weapons in there, even firearms!”

Bai Ling already descended without waiting for Bai Xiaoxi to finish. Of course, she took the guan dao with her along the way, never letting her guard down.

Bai Shan watched her sister. Her eyes glinted, and she became tensed when she saw how vigilant her sister was.

However, they didn’t expect there was light downstairs, and it was as bright as daytime. The room was around 20 square meters. With one glance, she could see everything in it.

She finally relaxed because there was no zombie and nothing that could threaten their safety. Bai Shan also let out a sigh of relief.

The room contained many firearms like Bai Xiaoxi said. Bai Ling directly grabbed a semi-automatic pistol. She opened the magazine with practiced movements, checked for the bullets and took aim.