Dream of Fuyao – Chapter 13


Chapter 13 – Together, No Matter Which World


Being touch suddenly scared her to the point she almost screamed. Fortunately, she was a well-trained agent and was able to suppress her scream. She turned back and went stiff.

Nangong Huo?!

He whispered in her ears, “Let’s go in your private room.”

She nodded stiffly and brought Nangong Huo back to her private room.

“What did you hear earlier?” he inquired.

Since she couldn’t figure him out, she remained silent.

Seeing her like that, he appeared to guess some and probed her, “Is it related to General Murong?”

She nodded.

“There are many things I didn’t plan to tell you. However, since you already discovered it, I won’t hide it anymore.” He stared at her a moment before continuing. “Following my recent investigation, General Murong didn’t die in the fire. Everything was a scheme set up by Nangong Lie. His purpose is the Dream Spirit pearl.” He let her digested the information and added, “I know Nangong Lie secretly contact you.”

This came to her as a shock. “Then, you…”

He narrowed his eyes. “You are not the original Murong Fuyao… and so am I.”

“Ah?” She was dumbstruck.

“Special Agent 033.”

Understand dawn upon her. This man in front of her is her boss! No wonder he didn’t punish her when she found the secret tunnel.

Since Murong Fuyao knew his identity, he said bluntly, “Let’s return and find a quieter place to talk.”

After their return to the estate, Nangong Huo told everything he knew to her.

In fact, they are the guardians of the Dream Spirit Pearl which had been passed on from generation to generation without a problem until Nangong Huo’s generation in the modern time. However, a while ago, Nangong Huo received the summoning of the pearl and learned the others guardians of the pearl in another time and space met with danger. Through the pearl’s power, he sent himself and Murong Fuyao to here.

Nangong Huo has retained the memories of his numerous incarnations whereas Murong Fuyao was usually devoid of any. If Nangong Huo was like a radar who could sense the pearl’s whereabouts, Murong was the one who could control all the power within. Together, they formed a pair of guardians who complemented each other.

“Where is the pearl now?” she asked.

“In your body.”

“In mine?” She groped herself everywhere without success.

He nodded. “Yes. That’s why I told you it isn’t the right time yet. If we do something further, your meridians will burst.”

“When did you put that thing in me?” She was flabbergasted.

“On the first day we slept on the same bed. It wasn’t me who put in you. It merged into your body by itself.”

“Then can I take it out?” If she couldn’t take that thing out of her body, won’t she remain a virgin forever?!

After pondering a bit, he said, “You can try using your spirit power to force it out. However, the best method would be to save General Murong and his wife. When the guardians’ crisis is solved, the pearl will get out by itself.”

She blinked at him. “How do I use spirit power?”

At her question, he smiled enigmatically and carried her to the bed. “I’m going to help you clear your meridians.”

Murong Fuyao sat cross-legged on the bed while Nangong Huo placed himself behind her. Then, she sensed his feather touch running across her back, making her body suddenly feel weightless.

Time passed and the stuffy sensation in her body suddenly vanished. Nangong Huo had cleared her meridians, and a surge of power coursed through her body.

She finally knew what it was like to cohabit with her demonic boss. Apart from being nervous, other feelings seemed to be overwhelmed by fear.

On a certain night, Nangong Huo held her in their bed like usual. However, she was so nervous, her whole body was rigid like a stone.

“What are you afraid I’m going to do?” He rubbed her head to calm and said in a gentle voice, “In every world, we are always together. I remember in the previous world, you were the one pursuing me.”

She felt a twinge of doubt. “It should not be possible…”

His lips curled into a smile. He waved his hand and images appeared in midair. She recognized the people in the illusions. It was her and Nangong Huo.

After watching all the images, she gulped. In the last world, she indeed chased after him like a dog desperately biting on a bone.

He kissed her forehead. “Well, in the other worlds, I was the one chasing you, so it’s normal, the last world was your turn. I admit enjoying myself. That was why I didn’t take the initiative to chase you when I was your boss.”

She pouted in displeasure. “You were so powerful and always had a deadpan face. Who would dare to pursuit you…”

“Really? I was acting indifferent toward everyone, except for you. I did show you my happy face.” He didn’t even realize he might have facial paralysis and his inner feelings failed to be conveyed.

“I’m afraid I might have misread your happy expression for something else…” she dully said.

Two nights later, dressed in black camouflage clothes, Murong Fuyao and Nangong Huo sneaked into the dungeon where General Murong and his wife were held. They could only find the place after secretly putting a scent tracker on Nangong Lie when he came to see Murong Fuyao.

With their flawless teamwork, they were able to rescue their targets smoothly without causing a disturbance. When the Murong couple discovered it was their daughter who came to save them, they couldn’t help be moved and shed tears of joy and bitterness. After they regained their composure, Nangong Huo brought them to the Emperor. It didn’t take long before an imperial decree was sent out to arrest Nangong Lie. Thus, concluded the matter.

The following night, Murong Fuyao was finally pushed down by Nangong Huo who had turned into a wolf.

After enjoying his well-deserved meal, they both rest and chatted. Murong Fuyao showed a bitter face. “You always give me assassination missions. Will it still be like that?”

His mouth bent down. “You want other people to touch you? I already marked your body, so forget about it.”

After uniting together, it triggered Murong Fuyao’s memories of all their incarnations together.

The Dream Spirit Pearl is a treasure which can send people to other time and space. It could also granted their guardians powers beyond humanity.

Murong Fuyao held the Dream Spirit pearl and beamed a smile at him. “Milord, how about we travel to a fantasy world this time?”

Nangong Huo pinched her cheeks. He couldn’t help pampering her. “Wherever you go, wherever I am. I will always accompany you no matter what.”

Thus, hands in hands, they walked into a golden light and disappeared from the horizon.

[The End.]


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