Trying to reset my Limit Break for SSMD with a teaser…

Hi everyone,

It’s been a very long time since I made a post here as I mostly just post on Volare Novels nowadays. This time I’m going to post a teaser here. It’s just a random teaser I decided to TL just to reset the feeling of TL too much SSMD (Poisoning The World).

Oh! And I will but a page here to link to my unofficial side-project : Night Emperor. It’s a completely different genre from SSMD which catered to my needs for novels that are not just romance driven. It’s fictional history (mix with real history facts), harem and with a smart male lead with a rascal-like attitude.

Here’s the teaser’s synopsis.

Title : Full-time Sponger (全职业米虫 )

Senior Brother said, “Immortal cultivation is a very long and painful process… Huh? How comes it only took you three months to form a golden core?!

My answer, “Because I have mastered all skills, I thought of trying some cultivation shortcuts and cheats.”

The Demon King said, “After consuming you, I will collect your yin to replenish my yang… Hey! What are you doing? What are you grabbing? How can you grab my thing like that?!

My answer, “Because my in-game character’s race was a demon. Your collecting yin techniques better make me come!”

The Devil King said, “If humanity was to possess paramount power, it’s bound to become ugly from greed… Hey! Did you hear what I say? To possess so many mystical beasts with no rim or rhymes, having the whole world inside your palm won’t be a problem. But how can you do nothing and just sleep all day?

My answer, “Because my dream is to attain the peak of the realm of full-time sponger.”

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