Picking up A Mistaken Marriage Match : Record of Washed Grievances

Hello everyone,

I decided to pick up A Mistaken Marriage Match: Record of Washed Grievances (错嫁良缘之洗冤录) as a project since I didn’t find any other groups or person translating it. I’m not translating from the start since Inno already translated up to chapter 8 and had left us all hanging there. ^_~

So, here’s chapter 9.

On another topic, since I’m actively translating Magic Chef of Ice and Fire at Radiant Translations, I won’t be able to update this blog weekly because there might not be a chapter to update the blog with. Instead of randomly publishing a chapter when I finish it, I will update this blog monthly and on the last week of the month with all the chapters I have translate during that month. There will be at least one chapter every month.

With this say, see you next month.

2 comments on “Picking up A Mistaken Marriage Match : Record of Washed Grievances

  1. mary says:

    Hi Grenn, just want to let you know that Sian in Nutty’s blog is also translate this novel. Here’s the link: https://nuttyisprocrasinating.wordpress.com/a-record-washed-grievances-index/


    • Grenn says:

      Hi Mary,
      Thanks for telling, but Sian and I know each other. She also read my translations and I also read her translations. XD The reason why we don’t collaborate together was because she had translate much further than me. Besides our translations have some differences, so that’s why I continued translating and so does she. Another thing, Ruibelle also translate RoWG on her blog too. ^^;; But she doesn’t want to collaborate because she want to practice her chinese by translating alone. We all know about each other doing the same novel and have came to this agreement of each translating on their own.


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