Whispers – Prologue

by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

Translated by Grenn


It was early morning. After Lin Qing Yu got up from her bed, she walked to the bathroom and sat on the bowl of toilet. She faintly felt her lower body was a little bit different from usual, like there was something that weight it down.

That sensation arrived quite suddenly and was new to her. She couldn’t help, but rubbed her eyes until it opened and gaze down. Then…

She was wide awake.

It seemed like she saw… something elongate and dangling from her body…

The inconfort of yesterday’s hangover could no longer numb her brain. The shock of the reality made it seemed like her temples never suffered like something was constantly drumming. The reality sobered her up. Following that, she somewhat foolishly stared at it with amazement.

Lin Qing Yu was still taken by surprise and, without caring one bit about hygiene, she reached down her hand to touch and to feel it out. It felt… like those tapioca balls you find in bubble tea, soft and flexible. Furthermore, the temperature felt so real.

After a long time, at last, she managed to react and inhaled a mouthful of cold air. In that split of second, she lost all desires to relief herself. It was as if she saw a ghost and needed to escape. She leaned on the cover of the toilet bowl and raised her head. Then, she caught sight of something in the mirror in her bedroom from the opened door of the bathroom that made her appeared like a stupid and frightened roe deer…

‘Ah? Who is this brother?’

Lin Qing Yu opened her eyes wide and attentively observed the person in the mirror. After careful observation, that robust silhouette belonged to her, blue-green facial hair, clear and bright short hair and unruly legs’ hair as well… It made people unable to understand…

Ah! Ding! Ding!

IT’S HER! Ah! She had turned into a man!


“F***!” Lin Qing Yu rushed out of the bathroom in panic. The voice that came out from her mouth had already change into the voice of an angry man. “I have become a man!”

In the quiet bedroom, two people each wrapped in a quilt impatiently turned in their bed. One of them was a male student with glasses dressed like the Haier’s brothers[1]. He properly got down of his bed, but his foot didn’t even touch the floor that he climbed back the ladder and crawled into his bed again. He looked at Lin Qing Yu with hazy and sleepy eyes with his expression completely saying: “Ah?

‘Who is this tall brother that look like an exhibitionist?’

Her girl’s bedroom! Her chief of office! Her Big Sister Lulu! Her little Huahua! Her accommodating roommates! Her fragrant bedroom! All gone!

‘How come it becomes a room with cigarette butts, instant noodles and smells like socks?!’

A brother dressed with only a blue briefs unhurriedly passed, making her swallowed her saliva. After he put on his glasses, his sight rest on Lin Qing Yu who was stupidly staring like a dog. “You said you become a man?” He thought for a while, “You’re saying that you were able to do it with your girlfriend?”

‘Do it yourself…’

‘Ah! My girlfriend, what girlfriend…’

On a bed, there was another male student who failed to whistle. “Not bad.”

‘Ah? What not bad?’ She wanted to say she changed into a man literally! These people were probably having impure thoughts!

The whistling fatty held his head while stretching out of bed. “Yesterday, you were so waste that even the appearance of demons wouldn’t even wake you up and you tell me that you managed to do that kind of thing? Ha! Let Big Brother share a few things with you about that feeling.”

‘What feelings?’

After waking up, the whole world became different!

Lin Qing Yu attentively observed the fatty, the corner of her mouth twitched and pulled up.

She recognized that fatty. He was in the same class as her and was called Wang Chen Yang. He was always teased for his waist measurement being the same size as the length of his leg. Furthermore, when she looked carefully that Haier’s brother, she felt like she also knew that person. If she wasn’t wrong, that person is the top student of the class next door who held the top scholarship for every term and got future recommendations for postgraduate studies…

Lin Qing Yu suddenly grinned, “Hehe! Don’t tell me I am dreaming right now and haven’t wake up from the alcohol?” She waved her hand and slapped herself. “Hehe! That slap on the face also hurts.”

Fatty : “….”

Hehe! Right now, I think I need some time alone.” Fatty and Haier’s brother watched speechlessly at Lin Qing Yu who, step by step, returned to the bathroom and closed the door behind. Once again, she sat on the toilet bowl, covered her face and contemplate for a very long time…

Afterwards, she raised her head… She still saw a male face reflected in the mirror instead of her face like before.

Although, it wasn’t the right time to think about this type of thing, but Lin Qing Yu couldn’t help remarking that face was actually wildly handsome. She stood up and felt and groped her pectoral muscles, her abdominal muscles and her strong thighs.

The build is also very good…

However, why this face? Who could have thought of the impression corresponding to her face?

Outside, Haier’s brother knocked on the door. “Lin Qing Yu, you still haven’t woke up from the alcohol, ah? Come out, I need the toilet.”

Hearing the name, Lin Qing Yu stilled, then she opened the door. Compared to her, the top student was half a head shorter. “Brother” Her face was solemn and serious. “I just want to ask you one thing.”


“I’m called Lin Qing Yu. I’m a grade A goods planning to attend school. Since I entered school, I was always a male, a youth, a boy, right?”

Haier’s brother looked at Lin Qing Yu with dead fish eyes as if he wanted to say Lin Qing Yu had gone crazy. He answered with the same deadpan attitude, “Yeah…”


Lin Qing Yu felt as if the word forcefully entered a whirlpool deep inside her, rotating and spinning, causing her worldview to completely overturn.

“Why are you guys being so noisy in the morning?”

Following that gentle and familiar voice, Lin Qing Yu caught sight of the fourth roommate… Messy hair, high and straight bridge nose and peach blossoms eyes…

Oh! It was her Mr Perfect!

Previously, when she entered school, she had hidden in her heart the admiration she had for the ultimate Mr Perfect!

Lin Qing Yu stupidly looked at everything in front of her. There was only one thing that came to her mind, ‘This must be a dream…’

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3 comments on “Whispers – Prologue

  1. Mischa says:

    Seems interesting thanks for translating this.


  2. White Head Ice Prince says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m gonna forget all these people’s names if it is ever told so please don’t mention their names and continue calling them fatty, Haier’s brother/top student, and Mr.Perfect


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