Whispers – Chapter 1

by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

Translated by Grenn

Chapter 1

Lin Qing Yu pointed to the sky and sworn, she was a woman who was absolutely fair with others and cheated neither young nor old from what she remembered in all of her 22 years.

She clearly remembered her cup size at that time of the month when THAT came to visit her again. She also remembered, two days ago, Sophie 410 four layers[1] were on sale at 15% off; Team Leader was looking at a red skirt on Taobao[2]; Lulu was talking about her little stud earring…

Why did her world changed after she awakened?

Now, she lived in a boy’s dormitory; Her wardrobe was entirely composed of men’s clothes; Her computer was full of manly games and there was only novels and fictions that men would read!

It seemed like she entered a parallel world, because she still studied at the same university. Her classmates were people who interacted with her before. The only thing that she remembered differently was the fact she was…

…A woman previously.

Since early morning, Lin Qing Yu didn’t go anywhere. She sat in the bedroom all day, looking at her foolish expression on the reflection of the mirror. Because her train of thought were excessively chaotic and complicate, she had blank out instead.

From the moment she turned into a man up until now, she still didn’t have enough time to adapt herself yet.

The cellphone on the desk and the one she used was from the same chinese brand. In that split of second when the ringtone echoed, Lin Qing Yu refused to answer it.

She stared at the phone taciturnly for a long time. She let the pictures of that flirty woman looping on the screen over and over again as she calmly and seriously pondered over one problem.


She turned into a man and the girlfriend she had was unexpectedly the woman she hate the most.

‘Li Si He…’

To sum the relationship between them in pleasant terms, it would be “There is no you, if there is me”. In other words, “I live, you die!!”

Lin Qing Yu was truly unable to understand even if she thought about it ten thousands times. ‘What is so charming about Li Si He in the end? How comes all males end up falling for her?’ Is it because of the length of her xxxxx which caused her good taste to drop so much? Or…has her IQ shrink that much?

‘Sometimes, reality is more queer than fiction.’

The phone rang for a very long time, before it finally stopped. But, immediately after, it rang again. This time, Lin Qing Yu stopped her sight on the four words “My lovely little darling” for the caller’s ID.

‘What the fuck?’

‘Can it get more nauseating?’

Lin Qing Yu still didn’t pick up the phone. The noisy ringtone accompanied her while she was pondering over her matters.

What did she do yesterday that caused her world to change like this?

Lin Qing Yu slowly recalled, she was a fourth year student about to graduate. She remembered sending lots of CV and applied to a lot of places, but, since she was a female graduate, it was very difficult to find a job in engineering. For this reason, she suffered many unspeakable depressing situations. Her heart became gloomy, so she invited Su Xia to go drink, after that… she got drunk.

What happen after she got drunk, she couldn’t remember one bit of it.

Could it be she fell through a manhole on her way home? Or was she suddenly hit by lightning on the street? Maybe, she accidentally stepped on a mysterious space-time rift?

‘Really… Cannot think of anything.’

Lin Qing Yu held her head and made a long sigh. Right now, what could she do to return…?

Once again, the phone stopped ringing. Lin Qing Yu’s train of thought follow the phone’s ring and also stopped. She continued looking foolishly at her own reflection. She didn’t know how long she did so, but, once again, the phone rang. Lin Qing Yu thought that Li Si He was a really clingy girlfriend, but, as she glanced the phone’s screen, she caught sight of the caller ID and her mind froze.


‘That’s right!’ In this world she might have a mom and it might be the same mom…

Lin Qin Yu was somewhat uneasy as she took the call.


“Hello? Little Yu!”

Hearing that intimate way of calling, Lin Qing Yu was somewhat distracted.

From her impression, her mother did use this kind of intimate tone to call her name, but she called her little brother in such way much more often. As for Lin Qing Yu who was the older sister, she cared less about her. By the time Lin Qing Yu went to university, her relation with her mother became more tense. She spoke less and less with her mother and could no longer discuss calmly and without stress with her mother.

On the phone, her mother started to be concerned about “his” recent livelihood. Did he had enough money to use; How well were his studies and what he wanted to eat when he return home on the weekend?

Lin Qin Yu studied at university in the city and could return home every week. However, during her four years of university, she rarely wanted to return home.

“How is Lin Bin?” Lin Qin Yu couldn’t help inquire about her little brother’s situation. “Is he returning this weekend?”

There was an instant of silence over the phone. “Who?”

“Lin…” Lin Qing Yu suddenly stopped. “No one. I was just saying this weekend I might not return.”

“Ah? Why? Mom misses you and is going to make stew for you.”

“It’s just… I don’t want to eat.”

After a few simple explanations, she hung up.

She held the phone while pondering for a moment. After that, she opened her contacts list and searched through all of her friends and so on. In the end, she discovered she didn’t seem to have a little brother in this world!

‘That scourge simply didn’t get to be born in this word, AH!’

This discovery certainly made people feel all refresh and excited!

That’s right! If she carefully thought about it, it should be like this… Since Lin Qing Yu was born as a boy, her mother would not think about getting a second child!

Lin Qing Yu slapped the desk and stood up. Since her height was now much taller than before, she firmly hit her head on the bed above hers.

As Wang Chen Yang opened the door while holding a bottle of coke, he caught sight of Ling Qing Yu who was silently clutching her head where it hurt.

“Lin Qing Yu, what were you doing all alone in the bedroom today?” While Wang Chen Yang was drinking his coke, he said, “Today, Li Si He was asking about you. She said you suddenly didn’t go to class today. I also sent you a message, but you didn’t reply.” He walked by and patted Lin Qing Yu’s shoulder. “Since we’re brothers, let me say something. As men, we need to take responsibility. After doing this and that yesterday, how can you not take the initiative to contact the other person?”

“Fatty Wang!” Lin Qing Yu was unable to endure the pain on her head. She raised her head and looked at him. “Let me ask you something. In our main field of study, it’s easy for us, men, to find a job, right?”

Wang Chen Yang blanked, “Yeah… But we’re only third year. It’s not urgent to find one right now. Hey! We’re talking about proper business here. About your girlfriend…”

Lin Qing Yu already stopped listening to his words.

‘Proper business, how is a girlfriend, a proper business? To find a job that is a proper business!’

She was currently a male and it was very easy to find work. Moreover, they are still in their third year! Compare to her time, it was still one year earlier. She would have the advantage of a whole year to properly prepare herself and, when she becomes a fourth year, she will go find a good job, have a proper career and a good wage. A good life was not always something that could be easily obtained directly!

There were flames raging inside Lin Qing Yu’s eyes. It seemed like she already saw her every steps were going to bring her closer and closer to the summit of the pyramid of good life.

Why would she want change back now? Wasn’t it very good being a man?

Up until now, her life was filled with difficulties and problems. After turning into a man, most of her problems were easily solved!

Returning back to zero!

Wang Chen Yang was still being long-winded about the matters with Li Si He. Suddenly, Lin Qing Yu grabbed his arm and looked at his face. Her mouth was moving, but, in the end, the words stayed stuck in her throat.

She couldn’t talk about it! Her secret could only be known by her only or someone who couldn’t talk about it.

“I’m going out.”

Lin Qing Yu opened the door, but didn’t bring anything with her. She broke into a run and ran downstairs.

“Hey! You haven’t wear your jacket yet and it’s going to snow a lot today!”

Fatty Wang was shouting behind Lin Qing Yu, but she didn’t hear his yell at all. Was the clothes she wear appropriate to the weather? At this moment, her state of mind had already caused her whole body to be feverish!

she ran all the way like she was possessed, using high intensity exercises to vent out the surge of violent emotions raging inside her heart. She ran passed many school buildings, directly towards a grove behind the lake.

This was part of the new campus of University A which occupied a large area. There weren’t many people passing through the faculty. Just recently, small trees that still hadn’t grown yet were planted. This sanctuary still hadn’t turn into a haven for couples and the forbidden area for “you are you and I am by myself” people.

Lin Qing Yu took big strides and, never before, had she ran so fast with such strength. She felt liberated and her soul gave birth to a feeling of complete freedom.

In the deepest part of the grove, there was a flourishing big tree that stood quietly.

In her memories, she didn’t remember a big tree, that was so tall it seemed to reach the sky, planted in the new campus.

However, in her current situation, the existence of this tree could be something important! ‘It could important.’ She caught sight of a hole in the tree.

Once she could step on the interweaved tree roots, she put her head inside the tree hole.

This tree that didn’t exist in her previous memories made Lin Qing Yu wished for something. She also didn’t go further in as she didn’t know if there was any bugs inside. In a split of a moment, she decided to cover her head before she went in to explore the tree hole. She wanted to scream, but the surroundings atmosphere was so peaceful as the wind was blowing and birds were singing. It made it feels like a single loud noise could destroy this beautiful scenery.

She refrained herself again. Then, softly and gently, as if she was whispering in someone’s ear, she said all the things she was unable to say and all the things she was secretly delight about. “I turned into a man.” She couldn’t help from laughing. Her laugh was very small almost like it was broken from the repress emotions. “I’m called Lin Qing Yu and I became a man today!”

Her voice reverberated inside the tree. It felt like the echoed of her voice became a gust of wind that drummed on the trunk, making the branches trembled. Outside, a light breeze caused the leaves to rustle. The sounds inside and outside merged together causing the whole tree to tremble.

Just at that instant when the words were whispered and resounded in the whole tree, Su Yian regained his consciousness.

The sunlight was very warm and the wind was perfect. However, he felt his body was completely rigid.

He felt the warmth of a palm on his abdomen and lowered his line of sight. However, he also felt that he couldn’t bend his head as much as he tried to look down. This was a really unbelievable experience…

Although it made him feel unbelievable, he wondered how can such a tiny and weird man went into his abdomen. But then, his mental capacity was unable to cope with the following whispered words from his belly button.

‘Is… Is that tiny person a monster?’

Su Yian was so frightened he wanted to leap and escape far away, but then, he discovered that… Right now, he couldn’t move at all.

‘This… What is going?’

The “tiny” man in his “tree hole” diligently and tirelessly continued talking, “You know what? Yesterday, I turned into a man! A man!” She covered the smile on her mouth. “Heh! A Man… You know how happy I am right now?”

He didn’t know.

He only knew that after he awakened, it seemed like he had turn into a tree…

His hair was leaves; His fingers were branches and his body was a tree trunk… Everything under his abdomen was his legs! All 1 800 of them, in all different sizes and everything in disorder and a jumble of mess! And all the roots were buried in the ground!

He was still dreaming. ‘Yeah! It must be a dream!’

[1] A chinese brand of sanitary pads

[2] A very popular trading platform for chinese people in China and abroad which is the equivalent of eBay.

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  1. Tachi Works says:

    The tree she’s shouting into is awake and going “who’s this person screaming in my stomach ?” It’s like the King of Toga story.

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  2. I thought the tree’s thoughts were funny as well XD XD XD

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!


  3. RoaringMaiden says:

    Haha! She hype being man! This story is interesting and i want to know what happen next to the tree man-Su Yian! Thank you for translating!


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