DoHS – Prologue

Life is a strange thing. It could change in a flash without warning.

His life took a drastic turn when he was ten. He was what people called a “bastard.” Yet, he suddenly became an envied existence. He, Hua Nianping, became the eldest son of the richest family in Yang province, the heir of the Hua clan.

His mother was a concubine, hence he was a concubine-born son. His sole fortune could only be attributed to the Hua clan lacking in sons. If it wasn’t the case, he would have never been considered as a potential heir. Aside from his lowly status, he also didn’t possess any remarkable skills or talents.

Luo Binwang could composed poems at age 7. Whereas, he had just started learning to read. In fact, he had just entered the Hua clan at that age. Before that, it was only his mother and him, living in a destitute abode with barely enough food and warm clothes. In such a strained environment, where could they find any books for him to study? Besides, his learning capacity was average which could only be supplemented by hard work. Practice makes it perfect, but hard work could not completely replace innate talent. Life gave him wealth, but at the same time, it burdened him with greater demands and trapped him on a road of no return. He could not escape from this if he wanted to protect those close to him.


There was a rumor inside the capital – Three years ago, the Ninth Prince was looking for his missing fifteen-year-old daughter, the Sixth County Princess.

The Sixth County Princess’s beauty was akin to an icy fairy who had fallen into the secular world. When that person laughed, the sound was like a cold river bathed by the moonlight. Anyone who heard it would feel their heart melting… So said her legend. The legend also told her beauty was not man-made. As for her laugh, nothing could be ascertained since those who witnessed it didn’t spill out a word. Furthermore, it seemed that no one in the Ninth Prince’s residence had seen her smile. Her cold temperament was on par with her beauty, and she was a famous existence in the capital. Her coldness was such that it deterred anyone who wanted to pursue her.

Countless noble and wealthy young masters, and even famous characters had tried their chance, but they all failed miserably. Despite many men retreated in defeat, many more flocked in with the hope of conquest. They all hope they would be the lucky one to grab that unattainable flower. In addition to her rare beauty, she was also of noble identity. To be served by an icy beauty, how great of a pleasure would not that be?

Was it really worth ramming into a wall for?

Completely worth it!

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  1. Myo Kyaw says:

    The start is promising.


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