SSMD – Glossary


Willow Alley : a brothel in Chang Kong Country’s capital red-light district

Wishing Crane House : The largest teahouse in Chang Kong Country’s capital

Tianshu Mountain



Chang Kong Country : A Country In Tian Ci Continent where Ning Xuemo was born

Tian Ci Continent: Ning Xuemo was born on it

Title or position

Thousand Faces Poison Doctor : Xuemo’s nickname when she was in the modern world

Shadow guard : An elite guard to protect his/her master in the dark (kind of like Ninjas)


Psychokinesis – A mysterious power people in Tian Ci Continent are usually born with

Innate Talent – The inborn aptitude of someone to cultivate psychokinesis

Internal Force – Different from psychokinesis, can be train


Dantian (an important meridian that is used to accumulate psychokinesis)

Cultivation rank

Mortal Realm – First realm of psychokinesis cultivation

Earth Realm – Second realm of psychokinesis cultivation

Heaven Realm – Third realm of psychokinesis cultivation


Ning Xuemo : The main character (MC)

Marquis Jingyuan : MC’s father

Ji Yunhao : The Sixth Prince, MC’s ex-fiancé

Li Sanlang: the man Ning Xuemo was caught on the bed with

The Ancestor : a reclusive and supreme emperor in the world of psychokinesis cultivation

Old Zhong : Ning Xuemo’s loyal servant

Second Madam : wife of the younger cousin of MC’s father

Ji Yunhuang : Chang Kong’s crown prince

Tom : The Chastity Testing Beast’s name

Hu Diechang: Ji Yunhao’s new fiancee

Hu Qinghua: Hu Diechang’s father

Han Shanyue : author of a painting in Wishing Crane House

Lord Lu : an official from the Ministry of Justice

Tu Yidao : The Head of the Ministry of Justice’s prison

Emperor Le Xuan : The current ruling emperor of Chang Kong Country and Ji Yunhuang, Ji Yunhao, Ji Yunxiao & Ji Yunyao’s father

Ji Yunxiao : The Fifth Prince of Chang Kong Country

Ji Yunyao : The princess of Chang Kong Country, only daughter of the current ruling emperor

Other special terms

Chastity Testing Beast : A Chimera meant to verify someone’s virginity

Sun Moon Sect : Number One Sect on Tian Ci Continent

Green Bamboo : A type of strong alchohol

Soul Breaking Whip : Ji Yunhao’s weapon

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