SSMD – Chapter 99

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 99 – Who is the Ancestor’s disciple?

“You said that he was wearing white clothes? Then, did the white clothes appear to be weaved out of clouds and mist? Was he wearing a different mask every time, but always had the same aura around him?” Emperor Le Xuan bombarded Ning Xuemo with questions.

Ning Xuemo responded vaguely. “This… It did seem to be like that. This humble woman cannot remember much, because every time I woke up, I couldn’t remember the appearance of the immortal Daoist. The only things I clearly remember are the medical techniques he imparted onto me…”

She replied in a truly crafty and cunning manner, as she did not deny nor admit anything. No one could distinguish the truth from the lies.

“Could it be the legendary technique of entering dreams?” Emperor Le Xuan slowly sat down, but his bewildered expression did not change.

Rumors said that the Ancestor’s standards for choosing a disciple was extremely strict. The conditions were so harsh that it was difficult to imagine them.

He would not accept peerless geniuses; Imperial followers, he will refuse them; Ugly ones were rejected; Chatterboxes were out, not to mention dark-skinned people… To sum it up, only a very few could actually enter the Ancestor’s eyes. It has already been ten years, and no one had heard about him accepting any new disciples.

This time, why would the Ancestor use such a profound technique of “entering dreams” just to impart skills to Ning Xuemo? It made people unable to make head or tails as this did not conform to logic or reason! The most important question was, does the Ancestor plan to take in another female disciple? Would it not break the sect precept?

But then, it could be that the immortal daoist in Ning Xuemo’s dream was not him. If that was the case, then who could be capable of such a feat?

According to what Emperor Le Xuan knows, in the whole Tian Ci Continent, only the Ancestor could use the Entering Dreams technique. There was no such possibility of a second person… Moreover, according to Ning Xuemo’s description of the daoist in her dreams, it more or less fit with the Ancestor’s appearance.

What was so special about this little girl that make the Ancestor appreciate and pay attention to her?

He could not help examining Ning Xuemo continuously several times. ‘Don’t tell me that this little girl is actually a genius? And it just happened that on the day of her psychokinesis test, the measuring crystal broke?’

This will not do! He needed to ascertain her innate talent himself!

If she was really a peerless genius, then he will throw caution to the wind and disregard the imperial household’s reputation to make one of his favorite sons take her in as a main wife!

He suddenly stood and said to Ning Xuemo in an amiable manner, “Xuemo, come with me.”

Naturally, Ning Xuemo had no idea what Emperor Le Xuan was thinking, but she had no other choice and could only follow him.

Ji Yunhuang’s eyes glinted as he heard his father. His body moved and walked next to Ning Xuemo while holding her hand. “Don’t be afraid. If there is anything, I am here. Father will not be able to do anything to you.”

His hand was warm, causing Ning Xuemo’s heart to warm up too. This time she was able to overturn the situation all thanks to this crown prince beside her. She clearly distinguished between gratitude and grievances. She felt grateful towards the crown prince.

In her previous world, she worked as a secret service leader. Under her was a group of brothers who listened to her commands.

In those days, she lead them through who knew how many life and death situations. Even during the worst of scenarios, she would always say to them the same words the crown prince said to her: If there is anything, I am here… Those words always gave everyone a boost in energy and motivation.

As they believed in her with all their hearts and souls, she also could not let them down. She used and exhausted every kind of method and approach to reverse the situation, leading them out of their predicament.

She worked along the lines of sheltering other people from wind and rain. Right now, there was also someone who stepped forward and shielded her from wind and rain…

As it turned out, the feeling of being sincerely cherished by someone is very beautiful.

Ning Xuemo never had the habit of holding someone else hand, so she lifted her hand to brush off her beautiful hair, retracting her hand from Ji Yunhuang’s. With a slight smile she said, “Yunhuang, thank you very much!”

Ji Yunhuang’s heart skipped a beat! Ever since he had met her a few days ago, it was the first time she called him by his name.

Besides his imperial father and those brothers outside his family, everyone else who called him by his name made him feel offend, but today, being call as such by this little girl made his heart feel warm…

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