SSMD – Chapter 98

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 98 – I’ll make you ready, I’ll make you fly![1]

This little girl planned each step so meticulously that it could be considered flawless. Unexpectedly, she even managed to lure him to unwittingly take the bait she tossed out.

This time, Emperor Le Xuan truly could not say anything anymore. He could not resist sizing up Ning Xuemo.

A little girl knelt in front of him with her head slightly lowered as she looked at him. Her black pupils perfectly contrasted with the white of her eyes giving off an impression of perfection, innocence, and simplicity, but her attitude was neither humble nor overbearing.

This caused Emperor Le Xuan to immediately feel that this girl was definitely not simple!

Marquis Ning was a hot-blooded man who highly valued loyalty. His straightforward personality always ensured that every matter was conducted in an honourable fashion. Even his wife was a gentle and virtuous lady from humble origins, who upheld the ideals of a wife and mother never scheming. It was really out of everyone’s expectations that they would give birth to such an oddity, whose schemes ran so deep: a true black-bellied[2] little girl…

If you simply looked at this girl, you would get the impression that she was pure like a puddle of clear water, with easily discernible depths. However, upon closer inspection, she would appear to be like a deep lake whose waters seemed shallow, but in actuality held unfathomable depths…

This girl was a contradictory existence. At the same time, she also seemed like a small light amidst the darkness, inadvertently drawing people’s attention.

He could not help glaring at Ji Yunhao. ‘Was this little brat blind?!’

‘He actually let go of such an excellent girl and stubbornly chased after that brainless Hu Diechang…’

Emperor Le Xuan spoke in a deep voice, “You could actually heal Tu Yidao’s legs? Your medical skills then should be rather high. Knowing so many strange things, I wonder who your teacher is?”

Ning Xuemo answered very smoothly, “No one taught me. It was bestowed on me by the Heavens.”

“Bestowed by the Heavens?” Emperor Le Xuan clearly did not believe her. “How did this ‘bestowal’ come about?”

Ning Xuemo replied in a tone filled with certainty, “It should be that the Heavens pitied me, so an immortal was dispatched in my dreams to bestow these medical arts onto me, allowing me to make a turnaround.”

“What did this immortal in your dream look like?”

The Emperor was really determined to investigate thoroughly!

Ning Xuemo secretly rolled her eyes. She had no other alternative but to make something up. “That immortal must have been using some illusionary technique, making me unable to recall him in detail. I can only vaguely remember that he was wearing a mask and white clothes while emanating a powerful cold aura. It felt like I was standing in a blizzard.”

Emperor Le Xuan’s face underwent subtle changes as he abruptly stood up. “The Ancestor?!”

“Ah?” Ning Xuemo stared wide-eyed.

‘Huh?! For real?’ Her random lies actually described the Ancestor perfectly?

‘It couldn’t be such a coincidence, right?’

Ever since she had arrived on this continent, she had noticed that the Ancestor’s name reverberated like thunder, since he held the most influence and ability on this continent and was akin to a god in the eyes of mortals. It was a pity that although she had been saved once by this person, she  actually had not gotten to see his appearance…

It seemed like those who had seen his true appearance were either non-existent or their numbers were pitifully small, making him truly mysterious.

In her previous world, Ning Xuemo had encountered countless people with demeanours of being experts above worldly matters, appearing utterly cold and aloof. When people spoke about them, they mostly conveyed irrelevant and baseless facts making the experts seem to be covered in mist. This made them impossible to be seen through, causing people to think that they were ethereal and mysterious. They also caused people to regard them as beings from the highest realm, with high and mighty auras…

Since there was widespread adoration toward them, people scrambled and tripped over themselves to become the first to serve them or be their disciples. Those pretentious fakes gave the impression of being miracle-makers and hence were worshipped as saviours of the world.

Ning Xuemo had purposely gotten close to a few of them several times and easily  ripped off their façades, exposing their true colours…

To sum up Ning Xuemo’s impression of those so-called great masters. They were frauds who like to put on airs and lead people by the nose! Their true abilities were rather lacking, but their conning techniques were definitely at the pinnacle. ‘Really full of bullshit!’

“You said he was wearing a white robe? Did it seem to be weaved out of clouds? Was that mask on his face different every time? Yet each time you feel a familiar aura…”

[1] It’s a chinese internet slang which means acting or being pretentious.

[2] Refers to a deceiving outwards appearance

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