SSMD – Chapter 96

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 96 – She’s Simply a Little Demon

That child had a pair of extremely brilliant eyes that revealed intelligence. Those eyes seemed as if they were filled with water, like a pair of pure and limpid lakes. When those eyes looked directly at him, a ray of light flickered through them as if they were laughing at him…

Ji Yunhao’s body suddenly stiffened!

Those eyes, were unexpectedly very similar to that girl’s eyes!

‘Could it be that this boy is really Ning Xuemo in disguise?!’

‘But didn’t she already die?!’

‘It shouldn’t be possible for her to appear here!’

As their gazes met, they faced each other for a moment.

That child’s eyes slightly narrowed, causing them to curve into crescent moons. Those pitch-black pupils appeared to be painted with the darkness of the night.

Ji Yunhao’s eyes abruptly widened!

‘That look…’

He had seen it before that day in the teahouse! After he whipped Ning Xuemo and she was taken away by the crown prince, she showed that expression! That look was exactly the same!

‘This boy is Ning Xuemo!’

He wanted to yell it out, but the gag in his mouth prevented any sound from escaping.

That child, Ning Xuemo, tilted her head to observe his expression. Seemingly satisfied, her eyes revealed a hint of happiness.

‘Demon! She is simply a little demon!’

Their enmity was set!

Ji Yunhao hated her so much his teeth itched, yet he was currently helpless and could not expose her…

Ning Xuemo watched with glee at the scene before her. This bastard had whipped her three times and caused her an immense amount of pain to the point of making her desire death but unable to attain it. Furthermore, he even used her as a scapegoat for a crime she did not commit,  staining her reputation and nearly claiming her little life. If she did not avenge this hatred, how could she face herself?!

When she inspected the rods earlier, she secretly smeared something on them. She had collected that material from a jujube tree which contained little insects that secreted a type of poison, producing stinging sensations. That poison is not lethal, but it has a special effect which heightens one’s sensitivity to feel pain. It also caused severe pain, making one wish for death instead.

She felt this pain was equivalent to what she received from  the Soul Breaking Whip and was perfect for her revenge…

She watched while feeling incomparably carefree as Ji Yunhao’s handsome face paled from the pain.

She had never been a compassionate person. She did not understand the concept of repaying evil with kindness, but she knew how to properly repay people based on how they treated her, be it with kindness or hatred. ‘If you give me a portion of respect, I’ll return the favor ten times over. If you wronged me one time, I’ll make you regret it a hundred times more!’

As long as they bullied her, she would think of all sorts of methods to make them pay her back a hundred times more with interest!

Eighty strikes of the rod, not even one less!

Ji Yunhao went limp on the punishment bench. His back was a complete mess, not even a centimeter was spared. Raw flesh was all that could be seen. He probably could not even manage to stand up…

When the gag was finally removed, he immediately yelled, “She’s Ning Xuemo! Imperial Father, she’s Ning Xuemo!” Using all the energy he had left, he frantically pointed a bloodstained finger at the boy.

This action was like a stone that had been thrown into a calm pond!

Apart from Ji Yunhuang, everyone turned to look at the child.

Emperor Le Xuan slightly squinted his eyes and looked at the child before turning back to look at Ji Yunhao. “What nonsense are you talking about? Isn’t Ning Xuemo already dead?”

“It’s her! Imperial Father! It’s definitely her! I recognise her eyes!” Ji Yunhao’s tone sounded extremely agitated but at the same time certain.

Emperor Le Xuan looked at Ji Yunhuang. “Huang’er, didn’t this child come under the Ancestor’s orders?”

Ji Yunhuang had not managed to reply when the child took off the mask and gave a smile while greeting Emperor Le Xuan. “Xuemo thanks Your Majesty for clearing my grievance and giving me justice.”

Emperor Le Xuan became stunned.

Ji Yunhuang also took the opportunity to apologise, “I beg for Imperial Father’s forgiveness. Your son was also forced to deceive you. In order to return Xuemo’s innocence, your son had to bring her to the palace, and it was easier this way…”

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