SSMD – Chapter 94

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 94 – Punishment (3)

That child spoke, “The finances of the Marquis’ Mansion have been doing rather poorly as of late. Why don’t you give her 10,000 taels of gold?”

This request was rather excessive.

In the Chang Kong Country, that sum of money would be the total amount earned by an official in his entire lifetime.

And the Marquis’ Mansion was now ownerless, so what was the point of giving them so much money?

Emperor Le Xuan felt a bit of heartache just thinking about it. He muttered, “This…”

That child glanced at him. “Is Your Majesty not willing? Could it be that in Your Majesty’s heart, the position of a princess is worth less than 10,000 taels of gold?”

Black lines appeared on Emperor Le Xuan’s forehead. Because he had assumed the child’s identity, he did not dare to refuse and could only grind his teeth and agree.

The boy also raised two more requests. The first one was that the ownership of the Chastity Testing Beast would be transferred to Ning Xuemo. The second one was to allow him to personally witness Ji Yunhao’s punishment.

Emperor Le Xuan agreed very quickly to the first request.

As for the second one, though he felt that it was stretching it a bit, he had no reason to not agree.

The face of Ji Yunhao, who was kneeling there, changed slightly.

Actually nearly everyone in the Imperial Palace was aware that this punishment of being struck with the Ting rod was rather special. The same 80 strikes could kill someone or it could simply bruise someone a bit. The difference was simply too wide…

Under a normal situation, the guards who were in charge of dealing out the strikes would hold back a bit when it was a member of the imperial family.

But with this child personally overseeing it, who would dare to hold back?


Ji Yunhao was bound to the punishment bench. The four guards in charge of the punishment held the black and red Ting rods as they stood next to him.

That child slowly approached and lowered his eyes to watch Ji Yunhao embarrassedly sprawled there. The boy appeared to be smiling.

That seemingly normal smile made all the hairs on Ji Yunhao’s body stand up. That smile was similar to a human-eating demon’s…

The sense of familiarity increased!

He knew that he would not be able to escape today’s punishment. Hence, he could only close his eyes as he secretly operated his psychokinesis to form a protective layer around his body. Though this layer could not be seen, it would help alleviate some of the force behind the blows.

Like this, he would only receive external injuries at most…

That child circled him before smiling. He extended his small white hand to lightly tap on a part of Ji Yunhao’s back. “Sixth Prince has a high cultivation in psychokinesis, hence you guys don’t need to hold back. If you dare to do so, then I’ll have you do another round of strikes.”

He turned his head to look at the emperor who was behind him. “Wouldn’t you say so, Your Majesty?”

Emperor Le Xuan forced a smile. “Immortal child, rest assured. Of course they wouldn’t dare to hold back.”

With this threat hanging over their heads, the four guards in charge of the punishment felt a chill run up their spine. They shouted their agreement, “Yes!”

Ji Yunhuang, who was standing next to the emperor, had a complicated look in his eyes as he looked at that child.

‘So vindictive, this little fellow is definitely not a compassionate child!’

Ji Yunhao complained incessantly in his heart. That child’s seemingly harmless tap had blocked an acupuncture point that allowed him to circulate his psychokinesis!

In that moment, when his acupuncture point had been sealed, the protective layer of psychokinesis dispersed. Now he could not even circulate his psychokinesis. He was now no different from an ordinary person!

When undergoing the strikes of the Ting rod, no one was actually allowed to use psychokinesis. Hence, although Ji Yunhao was forced to eat dirt[1], he could not say anything. He understood that he was really going to suffer today…

That child still was not reassured. He took the Ting rods from the hands of the four guards to ensure that they had not been tampered with. After that, he returned the rods before sitting down and spoke while smiling, “Begin!”

[1] Forced to take a disadvantage.

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4 comments on “SSMD – Chapter 94

  1. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot!
    obviously, yunhao should eat the full punishment! i think that diechang certainly deserved to die, but yunhao wanted to let xuemo die, so i’m waiting for him to die too. him suffering is really good though!


  2. Jennifer Mendoza says:

    Oh I know what your doing Ning… XD


  3. sangti says:

    Heaven hath no fury like a Ning Xeumo pissed off. This level of vindictiveness is inspirational.

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  4. laexdream says:

    Hit me once and I’ll hit you to death, would be Xuemo’s motto lol


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