SSMD – Chapter 93

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 93 – Punishment (2)

Those three people were Hu Diechang’s personal maid, a guard from the Hu residence, as well as a shadow guard from the Sixth prince’s residence.

After a few questions, everything began to be pieced together, and the truth of the matter was brought to light.

Actually the matter was not very complicated. Although Hu Diechang looked like a virtuous and accomplished girl, deep down in her bones she was a licentious woman.

Taking advantage of her status as the Grand Marshal’s daughter, she did whatever she wanted.

After she had failed to seduce Ji Yunhuang, she finally decided to settle for the sixth prince, Ji Yunhao. But deep down, she was very displeased with this. Hence, she waited until Ji Yunhao left the capital before she seduced and fooled around with a handsome guard in her father’s residence. They had been intimate a few times, but unexpectedly, she had gotten pregnant from one of those times.

When Ji Yunhao returned, she had gotten him into bed a few times and intended to pretend that the child was his.

That day in the teahouse, doubt had grown in Ji Yunhao’s heart. Hence he had sent people to secretly investigate. What he found out sent him into a rage and triggered his killing intent…

The guard from the Hu residence that came in was the adulterer. And the shadow guard from the Sixth prince’s residence was the one who had been sent to kill that adulterer.

As for that maid, she had followed Hu Diechang everywhere and was Hu Diechang’s trusted confidant. Naturally, she would know the truth. Originally she had been one of those people that Ji Yunhao wanted to kill in order to silence. However, here she was, alive and well…

The adulterer and the maid had considered their safety, hence they decided to spill the beans on what happened.

As for the shadow guard, he did not dare to lie in front of the majestic and imposing presence of the Emperor. Therefore, he could only tell them all he knew…

Faced with such concrete evidence, Ji Yunhao could no longer deny his involvement. He only knelt in front of Emperor Le Xuan, explaining that he had killed out of anger and had long regretted it…

Grand Marshal Hu’s face became dark. Regardless, having one’s daughter be so fickle as to cheat on her lover was not an honourable matter. Hence, his face alternated between green and white. Since the truth was like this, he did not dare to ask for much and only awaited Emperor Le Xuan’s decision…

In front of the “immortal child”, Emperor Le Xuan could not show too much favouritism in his judgement.

Ji Yunhao did kill Hu Diechang, but it was because he had been blinded by fury after discovering her infidelity; hence, it was somewhat understandable.

Emperor Le Xuan’s decision was that Ji Yunhao would be given 80 strikes of the Ting rod as punishment. Furthermore, Ji Yunhao would be stripped of his prince status and be demoted to the rank of a commoner. He would also be exiled from the imperial capital and would not be allowed to set foot in the capital for three years, otherwise, he would be killed without pardon.

Ji Yunhao’s face turned ashen, but he thanked the Emperor for his mercy as he prepared to face his punishment. However, the boy stepped forward. “Your Majesty, I still have something to say.”

Emperor Le Xuan could only reply, “If immortal child has anything to say, please feel free.”

The boy said, “Ning Xuemo experienced such a terrible injustice. Is Your Majesty just going to end the matter by saying that she was wronged?”

Emperor Le Xuan paused before sighing. “I truly did wrong Miss Ning. I and her father were not only ruler and subject, but we were also friends. Thus, I treated her as my own. Since she is dead and cannot be brought back to life, I can only compensate her by conferring her…”

He was about to generously bestow the title of a ‘princess’ on Ning Xuemo, but Ji Yunhuang suddenly interrupted. “Your Majesty, Ning Xuemo should have originally been your daughter-in-law. Conferring the title of ‘princess’ on her is not appropriate.”

Emperor Le Xuan blanked out before looking at Ji Yunhao who was kneeling. “So you want to let this evil creature once again take her as his first wife…”

He had not finished his sentence when he was interrupted once again by his son. “That’s not suitable either! Sixth Brother has already been demoted to a citizen. She should at least be an imperial consort. Your son is willing…”

Ji Yunhuang had not finished when the child cut in with a smile. “Just let me state a few compensations for her. Is Your Majesty willing?”

Emperor Le Xuan had already guessed what Ji Yunhuang was about to say, hence he was feeling rather grateful for the child’s interruption. He immediately agreed amiably, “Then I’ll listen to the immortal child. What kind of compensations do you want me to give her?”

“Firstly, a pardon for the crime of deceiving the monarch.”

Emperor Le Xuan secretly rolled his eyes. That girl was already dead, how could she still deceive him?

Hence he quickly yielded to this request. “I approve this request! What other requests are there?”

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  1. Myu✨ says:

    Little does he know that Xuemo is the said “immortal Child”


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