SSMD – Chapter 92

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 92 – Punishment (1)

Emperor Le Xuan’s heart was thrown into disarray. With this child here, he would not dare to show favouritism…

Emperor Le Xuan’s gaze towards that child turned faintly complicated.

That child seemed to not have noticed as he smiled slightly. Since he was wearing a mask, even if he was smiling, it still looked blank. Yet, for no reason, they found that his smile was actually very good looking and even felt charming…

Ji Yunhao seemed to be attracted to that smile. He felt his heart shake. That smile seemed very familiar…

He was about to rack his brains to think about who smiled like that when the child’s next words rendered him thunderstruck. “Your Highness, the Crown Prince, you can call in the midwives now.”

A midwife was a person who took care of pregnant women and assisted them when they were in labour or when they have a miscarriage.

These people had very rich in experience when it came to pregnancies. A high level midwife could even determine how long a woman had been pregnant just by looking at her belly…

Ji Yunhuang had truly prepared well. After emperor Le Xuan approved, he sent for the midwives waiting outside the palace…

The two midwives who entered were famous midwives in Chang Kong Country. One of them had even helped an imperial concubine give birth.

Under Ji Yunhuang’s orders, they came forward to examine Hu Diechang…

After an incense stick’s worth of time, one of the midwives answered in a very certain tone. “Miss Hu was already around 50 days pregnant.”

The other midwife specified, “It should be around 49 days.”

When the two midwives’ words came out, it caused the other people’s faces to change slightly.

Grand Marshal Hu was stunned for a moment before he suddenly flew into a rage. “Bullshit! How can she be around 50 days pregnant?!”

That child gave a shallow smile. “If the child in Miss Hu’s belly was the Sixth Prince’s then she really couldn’t have been around 50 days pregnant. That is because the Sixth Prince had left the capital around two months ago and didn’t return until a month ago…” That was to say that if the child was Ji Yunhao’s, the fetus should have only been developing for one month and absolutely could not have exceeded the second month…

The only possibility left was that Miss Hu had cheated on Ji Yunhao while he was gone, letting him wear a green hat.[1]

That child’s gaze was cold as it landed on Ji Yunhao’s face. “Sixth Prince, that day in the teahouse, Ning Xuemo’s words sowed a seed of doubt in you, didn’t it? Hence you sent people to investigate. Your people were truly capable though. They actually discovered not just the fact that Hu Diechang cheated on you but who her partner was. You were angered and sent men to secretly chase after her partner to kill him. Then, you looked for Hu Diechang to settle scores. After killing her you even tried to push the blame to Ning Xuemo…”

That conclusion was as if he had personally witnessed it. Ji Yunhao secretly ground his teeth. “This is only your conjecture. There is no proof, hence this explanation is not solid!”

The corner of the boy’s lips slightly lifted. “It seems that you still won’t admit it until you’re pushed into a corner and won’t give up hope unless you’re at the yellow river’s banks.[2] Fine, then I will have to convince you.”

He looked at Ji Yunhuang. “Your Highness, you can let the other witnesses enter now.”

‘There are still more witnesses?’

Ji Yunhao’s expression got worse. With the ‘immortal child’ here, no one dared to put a halt to the situation and could only allow it to progress.

Very quickly, three people entered. Two men and one woman.

When Ji Yunhao saw those three people, his body stiffened in shock as his face paled drastically. Now, he finally knew how hopeless the situation has become.  

[1] This is an idiom for a man who is being cuckolded by his wife or lover. The idiom comes from a story of a cheating wife who always made her husband wear a green hat before he left so her lover would know when it was safe to enter the house.

[2] Basically not resigning oneself to the situation until they’re dead. The yellow river represents the afterlife. In this case it is referring to how Ji Yunhao is not giving up hope even at this juncture.

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  1. OMG thanks for the many chapters! ohohoho XD


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