SSMD – Chapter 91

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 91 – The Accusation

The boy nodded. “You are correct. Only someone very close to her could have approached her without making her raise her guard. Since Miss Hu had not married yet, she obviously wouldn’t have any children or a spouse. Which leaves only one person, her lover…”

This conclusion obviously pointed to someone. Almost everyone’s eyes swivelled to look at Ji Yunhao.

The killer was Hu Diechang’s lover, as well as someone who was a rank 7 psychokinesis cultivator. Other than Ji Yunhao, who else could it be?

Grand Marshal Hu’s eyes nearly spit out fire as he glared hatefully at Ji Yunhao. “Sixth Prince, what do you have to say for yourself?!”

Ji Yunhao’s face faintly paled but he still sneered. “He’s speaking nonsense! With Hu Diechang’s cultivation, as long as the killer had a high cultivation, he would still be able to easily close the distance. If it was an expert, he would have definitely been able to kill Hu Diechang this way!”

The boy lightly smiled. “Sixth Prince’s words hold merit. However, you seem to have forgotten one point. Come, everyone. Please take a good look at the expression on Hu Diechang’s face…”

He grabbed Lan Yufeng’s hand and pulled him along towards the coffin as he spoke. “Lord Lan often has to solve cases and ought to have seen many expressions that the deceased had when they died. Can Lord Lan tell me what expression Miss Hu had on her face when she died?”

Lan Yufeng merely took a brief glance before giving his analysis. “It is a look of shock and disbelief.”

“Then, Lord Lan, what kind of expression should she have if it had been a stranger who had attempted to kill her?”

“Fear and insecurity.” Lord Lan answered. After a moment of pondering, he continued, “The expression on Miss Hu’s face proves that the person who killed her was someone she was familiar with. Furthermore, that person was someone who she would have never thought in her wildest dreams would wish her harm…”

The child clapped his hands. “Exactly. I’m sure I don’t have to point out who the killer is, right?”

Who in this courtyard was not experienced? Hence, after a short instant, they clearly understood who it was.

The gazes towards Ji Yunhao were filled with suspicion and condemnation.

Grand Marshal Hu’s fists tightened even more. Suddenly, he fell to his knees and kowtowed towards Emperor Le Xuan. “Your Majesty, my daughter has suffered a grievance! Your Majesty, please deliver justice!”

Emperor Le Xuan’s face sank. “Old Sixth, explain. What happened?!”

The fingers hidden in Ji Yunhao’s fists tightened into balls. “Your son is being wronged! Imperial Father, even if I meet all the conditions of being the killer, I am not necessarily the killer, right?! I was extremely close to her and doted on her a lot. Why would I kill her? This matter is somewhat strange. I beg Imperial Father to investigate the matter clearly!”

Emperor Le Xuan lightly nodded his head. He felt that Ji Yunhao’s words made sense. Emperor Le Xuan’s gaze once again landed on that child. “Immortal child’s analyses are irrefutable. However, Old Sixth truly had no motive to kill Hu Diechang. He had even come to me earlier today to beg me to allow the deceased Hu Diechang to be his first wife… From this, we can see that his feelings for her ran very deep. How could he have killed her? This matter is not justified.” Emperor Le Xuan’s tone when speaking to this child was very polite.

On this continent, there was no one who dared to disregard children.

Especially the children who were quick-witted, just like this mysterious boy. This was because they had a high likelihood of being one of those children who served the Ancestor, and their status were higher than that of any country’s high officials.

And Ji Yunhuang would occasionally have children by his side who were from the Sun Moon Sect.

When Ning Xuemo had caught the Ancestor’s attention in that public square, a child had also been sent out to resolve the issue.

Could it be that the Ancestor still had not forgotten about Ning Xuemo and had specially dispatched another child to investigate her case?

Emperor Le Xuan’s heart was thrown into disarray.

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  1. midoriha says:

    thank you very much!
    huhuhu, you speak nonsense, yunhao! the emperor himself should know the ruthlessness of the imperial family…?


  2. Jennifer Mendoza says:

    Somehow I hate Grand Marshal Hu


    • Jennifer Mendoza says:

      Backstab bastard, wont even help the only child of the person who save him! And that also implies to you Emperor and goddamn citizen. For the first time that I’ve read with MC going to a dead body, the original NX is actually good but thanks to your wicked she died… Poor her.


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